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(4/28/2020) Graduation Ceremony Feedback and Updates

Dear Seniors and Families,
I want to thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on graduation. The results reflect that the majority of you want to wait to have a rescheduled, traditional ceremony once social distancing requirements are lifted. Otherwise, there were not strong opinions in support of the alternative ceremonies offered. 
To honor your input, our plan is to reschedule the Moffat School graduation on a date within 3 weeks after the county's decision to lift social distancing requirements. For example, if the county announces that social distancing requirements will be lifted (and gatherings of 10 or more will be allowable) starting August 1, we will reschedule the graduation for a Saturday within three weeks of that date - likely August 22. Since we don't know what that will be yet, we will follow up with you once we hear about the county's timeline. We don't want to create any more inconveniences for you by sending out tentative dates that will continually need to be rescheduled!
We are also working on putting together a special video montage for the seniors. While we may not be able to celebrate their accomplishments in person and together right now, we do want to take time to honor their hard work and celebrate this milestone with them in some way. We look forward to sharing more information about this with you in mid-May!