• GLE-Civ1

    1st Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1:
    Students understand the purposes of government, and the basic
    constitutional principles of the United States republican form of
    First grade students will:
    1.1 Define “citizen,” “constitution,” and “government”; discuss matters of importance to all classroom citizens, i.e.: bus safety, crosswalk rules, and lunchroom procedures
    1.2 Display pictures of community helpers like fire fighters, mail carriers and
    1.3 Explain the Bill of Rights protected in the U.S. Constitution
    1.4 Identify symbols of American political culture, i.e.: American flag, Liberty Bell,
    eagle, etc.
    1.5 Make and post a Grade 1 constitution of rules, rights, and responsibilities
    Standard 2:
    Students know the structure and function of local, state, and national government and how citizen involvement shapes public policy.
    First grade students will:
    2.1 Explain the purpose of the school’s Student Handbook
    2.2 Explain the steps in settling a dispute or resolving a problem in the classroom
    2.3 Explain the reasons for having classroom and school rules (safety, fairness,
    2.4 Identify how students can influence school rules by studying issues, discussing, and taking concerns to people in authority
    Standard 3:
    Students know the political relationship of the United States and its citizens to other nations and to world affairs.
    First grade students will:
    3.1 Locate the U.S. and hemispheres (northern, southern, western, eastern) on the world globe and map
    3.2 Locate the nation of origin of three folk tales used in class
    Standard 4:
    Students understand how citizens exercise the rules, rights and
    responsibilities of participation in civic life at all levels – local, state, and national.
    First grade students will:
    4.1 Identify the criteria for citizenship in the United States
    4.2 Explain the responsibilities of a good school citizen, e.g.: protecting property,
    showing courtesy to all, obeying rules, and getting informed
    4.3 Bring an artifact or symbol of the right to own property, e.g.: backpack, lunchbox, dog tag, photo of automobile
    4.4 Identify three purposes of the school’s recycling center