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    High School Teachers/Classes
    Teachers 8:00-8:57 Period 1 9:00-9:57 Period 2 10:00-10:57 Period 3 11:00-11:57 Period 4 12:00-12:30 Period 5 12:30-1:00 Period 6 1:03-2:20 Period 7 2:23-4:00 Period 8
    Kathy King-Dickman
    Lynda Smith
    Jody Abeyta
    Sid Weaver
    Linda Eickhoff
    Kaley Van Arsdale p
    Will Shellabarger
    Annette Trancoso
    Robert Dickman
    Amy Lovato
    Mike Leeb Freshman Technology P. 2 Shop 6th Grade
    7th Grade
    8th Grade

    Lunch Duty P.7 High School Shop P. 8 Middle School Shop