• CCSImpPlan0708

    Goals for School Improvement Planning Process 2007-2008 
    September 24, 2007
    Kathryn Brady, Director
    1. Language Arts Programming
      1. Changes in reading remediation
      2. Professional Development for Teachers
      3. Teacher exchange for observations and mentorships
      4. Ongoing assessment of how we are talking about writing, teaching writing and what consistencies can be created across the learning continuum
      5. Internal assessments for teaching teams that include portfolios of student writing across the year (most radical extremes).
    2. Spiral Curriculum Process focusing on Academic Ends
      1. Working with consultant and professional teacher, David Billesbach, to develop spiral curriculum, beginning with Language Arts.
      2. Faculty and Governing Council work session
    3. Develop more Green practices prior to moving into our new building
      1. More conscious recycling and re-use of recyclables within our own system
      2. Grow food in our green house
      3. Explore solutions for to and from school transportation
      4. Convert gear-van to bio-diesel
    4. To bring budget and programming needs into alignment
    5. Jumpstart Parent and Community Volunteerism
      1. Engage with monthly/weekly mailing
      2. Get a manager for parent volunteer programming
      3. Ask Governing Council to step forward with community engagement
    6. Support for families in Crisis
      1. Determine CCS policies for referring families in crisis
      2. Expand our network of professional support
    7. Meet foreign language requirement by offering two-year foreign language class(es)
      1. Bridge young learners success with older learners requirements
      2. Explore if study abroad can be credited for immersion foreign language and if students can earn foreign language credit for ESL tutoring or Sign Language
      3. See if Middle School students can earn High School credits for language studies
    8. Create a Visioning Wall for the new school facility process
    9. Wider promotion and understanding of CCS programming
      1. Tri-fold brochure
      2. Upgraded website
      3. Magnetic van signs
    10. Complete Spiral Curriculum sections for Language Arts
    11. Refurbish Play Areas and spaces around school
    12. Track new building process and embed elements as appropriate into curriculum
    13. Participate in Superintendent Selection Process
    14. Evaluate the ROCK program and vision its evolution and relationship to CCS