• BOE_SupRpt_06162008

    Superintendent’s Report – June 17, 2008
    ·This is a very busy time of year, as usual. The Moffat School and CCS had many end-of-year activities, highlighted by wonderful graduation ceremonies at both schools.
    ·We have been working to get the budget in as good as shape as possible – looking at part-time hirings, utilizing grant funds wherever feasible, etc. Unfortunately, until we get an increase in student enrollment we are looking at some tough decisions ahead. The final budget will be presented for board approval at the June BOE meeting.
    ·Charlie Warren and I have started spending more time working together. Charlie is joining me at meetings and making good contacts. Many end-of-year activities I have to do on my own, but we are talking about what these activities are and are making good headway.
    ·The end-of year activities I refer to above include: year-end reports for CDE, our vocational program data and financial reporting, writing the 08-09 Federal Consolidated Grant, interviewing for teacher and staff openings, attending meetings to write next year’s Perkins vocational grant, requesting reimbursement from various funding grant funding sources, working on Year 4 Reading First plans and budget, etc.
    ·We have selected the bid from Mr. Steve Lobato to do the office remodel project through CDE Capital Construction grant funds. That work should begin soon.
    ·I have completed and submitted the RFP for additional preschool slots and should hear back soon. We are hoping to get six new slots funded – we are already providing the slots but are not being compensated – though we will be happy with any increase in funded slots.
    ·As per the district contract with CCS, we need to develop new language to deal with if and how the district will provide gifted education services to CCS. There are limited funds available through a gifted education grant that flows through the SLV BOCES, and there are new statutory requirements regarding the identification of gifted students and the provision of services to identified gifted students. We are supposed to accomplish this by June 30th but can extend that date if mutually agreed upon by both parties. We are working on it, but things are extremely busy at this time.
    ·The complaint filed against the district and CCS from the Office of Civil Rights has been resolved. 
    ·This will be my final report to the board as I will be retiring on June 30, 2008. Goodbye       and good luck!
    Respectfully submitted,
    Eli Dokson