• BOE_SupRpt_05192008

    Superintendent’s Report – May 19, 2008
    ·We will present the preliminary budget at the May board meeting. We have some concerns that we will discuss at that time.
    ·3rd grade Reading CSAP scores have been reported (see included graphs). The district average is 67% at proficient and above. The state average is 70%. (Moffat School - 77% proficient; CCS - 40% proficient.)
    ·I met with the Moffat Town Council on May 6th. They voted to vacate portions of 4th Street and McPherson Avenue, clearing the way for us to work on grants, such as a GOCO grant, to improve the play field south of Moffat School.
    ·We are taking bids on the CDE Capital Construction Grant project to remodel the front office. We hope to select a contractor in the next two weeks.
    ·Moffat School has been approved for a fourth year of funding for the Reading First grant. We are working on the fourth year plan and budget.
    ·We have started to work on the Federal Consolidated Grant for next year. The charter school will again be included in the professional development plan (Title II-A) if they choose to be.
    ·Michelle Hashbarger, Linda Eickhoff, Charlie Warren and I attended a training on Alpine
    Achievement assessment/data warehouse software. This is a powerful tool that we hope will assist teachers in understanding students’ needs in order to modify instruction as appropriate. We hope that as Moffat School utilizes this tool, CCS will have an opportunity to review its usefulness and make an informed decision whether or not they wish to purchase this software as well.
    ·The Outstanding Teacher of the Year dinner and presentation took place on April 27th. Board members Sage Godfrey and Michelle Olsen joined the superintendent and Moffat School principal and counselor in recognizing Ms. Michele Hammel, Moffat Preschool teacher and elementary reading interventionist.
    ·The District Accountability Committee met on May 7th, reviewed progress towards    meeting the school improvement goals for Moffat School and Crestone Charter School, and voted to make a recommendation to the school board to accredit both schools. This is on the agenda, as we will be making a transition to the use of the new accreditation rubric.
    ·Meetings and such: Superintendents’ Advisory Council (with Charlie Warren); Moffat School Senior Project Orals; retirement send-off! I will attend a ColoTrust presentation on how our money is being invested (and why the return on our investment is so low).
    Respectfully submitted,
    Eli Dokson