• BOE_SupRep_11142007

    Superintendent's Report to the School Board

    November 14th, 2007


    • The official October count report is complete.The total number of students in the district is 216 (down by 4 from 220 in 06-07).The total FTE is 201 (down by 2.5 from 203.5 in 06-07).The funded FTE, based on a three-year average will be 206.5.Moffat School’s enrollment is at 149 (136 FTE), compared to 141 (128.5 FTE) last year.CCS’s enrollment is 67 (65 FTE) compared to 79 (75 FTE) last year.The students’ residential information is included in the board packet.

    • District and Moffat School representatives accompanied Caren Kershner to Arvada for the 2008 Colorado Teacher of the Year award dinner.Though Caren did not get named for the highest honor, she was among the top five in the state this year, and we are very proud of this accomplishment.

    • Board member Michelle Olsen and Sage Godfrey attended the CASB Delegate Assembly in late October, and we look forward to hearing their report at the BOE meeting.All four board members and the superintendent attended the CASB Fall Regional meeting on November 1st in Alamosa.As usual it was an interesting and thought provoking evening as we contemplate the state and future of public education in Colorado.

    • Also on November 1st, CDE Regional Team Manager, Jhon Penn, visited the district to do his annual accreditation review.He met with the superintendent, the Moffat Principal, the District Assessment Coordinator and the CCS Director.Board members Marta Shoman and Sage Godfrey were present for portions of the review.We will be accredited, and we had the opportunity to examine our accomplishments as well as areas of concern.

    • The Subcommittee on Accreditation met on November 7th to tweak the accreditation rubric and to discuss the collection of evidence, which will begin this school year.We also discussed a Fall timeline for presenting the school board with the results of the annual collection of data.We anticipate that this first year the rubric will still be in draft  form. The district brochure is now available for distribution at key locations throughout the community.

    • Upon the board’s direction, I have begun sending information from Believe in a Better Colorado to district staff, and will continue in the months ahead.

    • The owner of the one remaining lot that we do not own behind Moffat School that adjoins the play field that we wish to improve, decided that she does not wish to donate the lot to us at this time.We are working on getting an easement to continue using the property for recreational use, which she is very willing to do.There is still a good chance that she will donate the property in the future, but she wants to visit the school in person before doing so.

    • We, along with the other school districts belonging to the Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool, received a refund from our insurance pool, due to the profitable years the pool has experienced recently.(see packet.)

    • The Food Service Program at Moffat School will be replacing cafeteria worker Vicky Weiss for at least three months.Mrs. Weiss is taking a leave of absence due to a family health concern.

    • Prior the board meeting I will have attended a presentation at Adams State College on a software product that we hope will be useful in the managing of student assessment data.

    • I have been working on a number of E-Rate issues with Fairpoint Communications and the Schools and Libraries Division of USAC, the national administrator of e-rate funding, in order to ensure that we get our full rate discount reimbursement.This has been a time consuming and frustrating process, but I believe we will receive the amount we are due, though not as soon as I would have liked.

    • Other meetings attended include: Colorado Prevention Partners grant, Special Education IEP meetings at CCS and Moffat Preschool, and Superintendent Advisory Council.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Eli Dokson