• BOE_SupRep_02252008

    Superintendent’s Report – February 25, 2008 

    ·By the time we meet for the February BOE meeting, the interviews for the new superintendent will have taken place. As I write this report I wish everyone involved in the process a clear and focused mind for the February 23rd interviews. Bob Cito of CASB led the work session for interview questions on February 6th.
    ·We will also have attended and returned from the 2008 CASB Winter Legislative Conference. I am certain that we will have a great deal to digest and debrief as there are many interesting and controversial education bills up for debate this year.
    ·As you know, the BOE quarterly dinner with the CCS Governing Council has been re-scheduled for Monday, March 24th, at the Willow Spring Bed and Breakfast in Moffat. More details to follow.
    ·Speaking of dinners – mark your calendars for the Outstanding Teacher of the Year dinner, to be held Wednesday, April 23rd. The selection is in process at this time.
    ·Please see your packets for the 2005 Census Poverty Data, upon which our Title I allocation is partially based. I am not certain how this is calculated, but according to this data, Moffat Consolidated School District #2 is (once again) rated as the having the highest percentage of students (ages 5-17) in poverty in the state of Colorado……..and by a large margin. This should help with our Title I funding.
    ·Congratulations to: Moffat School students going on to the state level of the National History competition (middle and high school); Moffat high school students for participating at the regional level of Science Fair; and to the Moffat Middle School 7th Grade girls basketball team for winning the SLV League championship! The 8th Grade boys won the championship for middle school boys two months ago. 
    ·Facilities news: Moffat School has purchased a new improved diesel tank and pump; the sign in front of Moffat School will now be lit up at night (6-11 p.m.), and the Moffat School gym floor has been examined – no more sandings possible, so we have about ten years before we are looking at a large expense (approx. $50,000).
    ·More property news: we have been granted a legal easement for the lot that we wish to purchase (or have donated) next to the recreation field south of Moffat School. We will file this with the county and continue with the process of working towards an improved recreation field.
    ·The 2008-09 e-Rate application has been filed with USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) for discounts on our phone service, internet connection and web hosting.
    ·Meetings that have happened: Colorado Prevention Partners in Center (to introduce the “Communities that Care” model), Human Services Association meeting, Superintendents Advisory Council and training for the Alpine Achievement System.
    ·Meetings scheduled to happen soon: Colorado Prevention Partners meeting Moffat February 26th, District Accountability Committee Meeting March 3rd.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Eli Dokson