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    Principal’s Report
    Moffat School – Michelle Hashbarger
    April 16, 2008
    March 13 – End of the 3rd quarter. The high school students and staff held a Symposium Showcase where they shared the concentrated area they participated in during the week – Building a Galimoto: Sophisticated Toys from a Primitive World,” “Samba drumming, dancing and singing,” “origins of pasta,” “Science of Science Fiction,” “The 1960’s, Interpretations of History – Across the Universe.”
    The middle school students and teachers took a trip to the Rio Grande Museum in Del Norte.
    March 14 – Teacher Workday. Student Ski day at Monarch.
    March 18 – Hashbarger attended the SAC meeting in Alamosa to make a presentation to the Superintendent’s and to invite them to Healthy Schools Healthy Students summit. King-Dickman, Dokson and Hashbarger attended the federal Title meeting in the afternoon at BOCES.
    March 19 – Hashbarger attended the School Environment Project committee meeting in Alamosa. 
    March 20 -  Trujillo and Hashbarger attended the 3 Tier Behavior Intervention training in Alamosa all day.
    March 21 – Senior student Travis Timm had the honor of playing in the Arby’s All Star basketball game with other valley senior players.
    March 25 – Reading First Regional Consultant was in the building discussing data and walking through classrooms. Dokson and Hashbarger attended the Federal Consolidated Grants meeting in Pueblo. 
    March 26 – Lockhart attended the RF Coach meeting in Del Norte. Dokson and Hashbarger attended a Comprehensive Needs Assessment workshop in Pueblo.
    March 27 – Pre-School grant for the following year has been completed. 
    March 28 – All School Ski Day at Monarch. Spring Break...
    March 31 – Spring break… Hashbarger sat in on a webinar conference at the school from 1:00 to 2:30pm. 
    April 1 – Spring Break… Dokson, Hashbarger and Warren attended the Teacher Fair in Alamosa at ASC. 
    April 2 – Lockhart sat in on a RF webinar from 11:00 to 12:30pm. Hashbarger and Eickhoff attended the Response to Intervention training in Alamosa all day. Sage Godfrey (Board member), Katy Booth (Board member) and Charlie Warren attended the training as well.
    April 7 – Back to school. 
    April 8 – The Alive at 25 presentation was held in the gym for all high school students. Reading First Regional Consultant – Alan Dillon was in the building. We discussed data and the upcoming benchmark DIBELS testing window.
    April 9 – Kershner took 4 students to San Luis to help set up for the All Valley Art Show. The Knowledge Bowl team was in Alamosa for the monthly competition. Lockhart and Hashbarger met with Dave Crabtree to finalize the upcoming Quarterly Report for Reading First. King-Dickman held a Title 1 Parent meeting from 4:30 to 5:30.
    April 10 – Kershner and Smith took the middle school students to the All Valley Art Show in San Luis during the afternoon. 
    April 11 – Reading First held a Building Level Team meeting to discuss current scores. We also had a Writing Skills training and a discussion on Chapter 6 – “How the Brain Learns.” Last Ski Day at Monarch.
    April 14 – Hashbarger attended the SLV Teacher of the Year selection process at BOCES during the am. 2nd Grade DIBELS Benchmark testing all day.
    April 15 – Kindergarten DIBELS Benchmark testing all day. Hashbarger, Drake, Heintz and Olsen (Board Member) attended the Healthy Schools Healthy Students Wellness Social in Alamosa from 5:00 to 8:00pm. 
    April 16 – 1st grade DIBELS Benchmark testing all day. The Junior class is preparing the gym for the Prom. The high school Knowledge Bowl team will be leaving at 4:00pm for the State Knowledge Bowl competition in Colorado Springs. CPP meeting in Saguache at 4:40pm – Dokson, Warren and Shoman will be attending.
    Up-Coming Events:
    April 17 – Midterm, prom prep, 3rd grade DIBELS Benchmark testing all day, Eickhoff – Twice Exceptional workshop, RF team leaves for Colorado Springs.
    April 18 – Reading First Spring Conference, DIBELS Window closes, Knowledge Bowl team returns from State competition, Linda Eickhoff – Twice Exceptional workshop.
    April 19 – High School Prom and Dinner
    April 21 – Board of Education meeting, prom clean-up.
    April 22 – ACT pre-test for Juniors, RIF day in the Library, RF Regional Consultant day, SIPT meeting, middle school to the Sand Dunes for Earth Day.
    April 23 – ACT Test during the morning for Juniors, Teacher of the Year Dinner in Alamosa, Administrative Professionals Day, Kindergarten to Villa Grove, Loretta Covert’s presentation on Acupressure to the Senior class.
    April 24 – Trujillo to BOCES – training on new IDEA information.
    April 25 – Snow Day makeup for middle school and high school students – Elementary teacher workday – No students preK-5th, Earth Day and community service projects are planned for the day. RF DIBELS data is due.
    April 29 – HS English group to a play at ASC
    April 30 – SIPT meeting – end of the year goals