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    Principal’s Report
    Moffat School – Michelle Hashbarger
    January 23, 2008

    December 11 – Snow Day – No School
    December 13 – Students in pre-school through 12th grade sang, danced and played instruments at the Winter Concert. The Annual Science Fair Toy sales was once again a huge success – the money raised will benefit the Science program. The Moffat Staff enjoyed a catered dinner prior to the concert. All staff received Moffat School Jackets.
    December 18 – The Peer Mediator student group went to an Alamosa Nursing home to sing, dance and visit with the residents. The group really enjoyed this community service project. The middle school students who read thirty hours during the first semester were treated to a swim day for their effort.
    December 19 – Alan Dillon – Reading First consultant was in the building working with Sandi and Michelle on next steps with Reading First. Reading is Fun, book distribution was held on this day. Each student had an opportunity to choose a free book to keep. Michelle Hashbarger attended the School Environment Project meeting in Alamosa.
    December 20 – End of the 1st semester. The Candlelight Ceremony and gift giving event was held in the foyer.
    January 7 – First Day of 2nd semester.
    January 8 – Alan Dillon – Reading First consultant was in the building to look at DIBELS winter benchmark scores with Sandi and Michelle.
    January 9 – Local History Day was held at Moffat School. A number of students will go on to the Regional History Day competition in Alamosa on Saturday January 26th.
    January 10 – Jhon Penn and Michelle Hashbarger discussed upcoming curriculum changes for the future. The 3 building level groups and Hashbarger will begin a curriculum mapping process this spring to make sure we are aligned directly with the State Standards and Frameworks.
    January 11 – The Reading First Team met to look at data and complete the first quiz on “How the Brain Learns” by Sousa. The Team will be completing the required book study semester.
    January 15 – The FBLA students and Advisors – Hashbarger and Benton – went to the San Luis Valley Bank to learn about personal banking information and the banking business.
    January 17 – The Knowledge Bowl team went to ASC for their monthly competition.
    January 22 – The Local Science Fair was held at Moffat. Four students will be continuing on to the Regional Science Fair held at ASC in February.
    January 23 – Lockhart and Hashbarger listened to a Reading first Webinar focusing on continuing talks about Data from 10:00am – 11:30am with Data guru…Tina Pelletier.
    Upcoming Events:
    January 24 – Sherri Garcia and Hashbarger will be attending a Courage To Risk Conference in Colorado Springs through Saturday the 26th.
    January 25 – Workday and Professional Development Day for teachers
    January 26 – Regional History Day at ASC
    January 28 – Sports Pictures
    January 29 – CPP training in Center
    January 30 – Alan Dillon in the the building for Reading First
    January 31 – Julie Trujillo to Transitional Training meeting in Alamosa