• BOE_MonRpt_06162008

    Internal Monitoring Report
    Executive Limitation Policy EL –2, Treatment of Students, Families and Community
    GLOBAL POLICY PROHIBITION: With respect to interactions with students, those applying to be students, their families and community members, the Superintendent shall not cause or allow conditions, practices, procedures, activities or decisions which are unsafe, undignified, uncaring or unnecessarily intrusive or restrictive. REPORT: This report is my assurance that, as reasonably interpreted, these conditions have not occurred and that the data submitted below are accurate as of this date, June 17, 2008.
    Signed____________________________, Superintendent
    1.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to provide reasonable, timely information to students and their families of what may be expected and what may not be expected from all services offered by the District, including academic courses and programs (including specific course syllabi), sports and extracurricular programs, transportation and parking services, health and nutritional products and services, and special programs. REPORT: Information is provided to students and their families in a variety of ways, including: enrollment packets which are handed out during the registration period prior the beginning of each school year; district newsletters, monthly newspaper articles, weekly bulletins sent home, daily morning announcements and the annual Accountability Report to the public; teacher/parent contact; publication and distribution of weekly/monthly cafeteria menus; annual information about the food service program and transportation services; special notices, bulletins and flyers sent home on an as needed basis. Regarding syllabi, teachers in the elementary, middle school, and high school hand out or send home information on classroom activities, expectations, assignments and overall course syllabi as appropriate. I attend special education and 504 meetings as needed.  The district has a new web site under construction as another tool for communication. I am reporting compliance with this policy.
    2.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to use any method of discipline for student behavior or dress that is unclear, untimely, inconsistently applied or demeaning. REPORT: We have written administrative policies regarding student discipline. The Student Handbook, which covers student disciplinary procedures, is revised yearly and handed out to all students at the beginning of each school year. Every student is required to turn in signed verification that a parent has read and is aware of the contents of the Student Handbook. There are specific steps that teachers take with regard to student behavior issues. The behavior management training that the Moffat School staff has received has been effective and has provided clear and consistent behavior guidelines. We do refreshers at the beginning of the school year to inform new staff and remind returning staff the steps of the program. We continue to work on improving the implementation of our approach to discipline and behavior, to be as effective, consistent and fair as possible. I am reporting compliance with this policy.
    3.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to allow assessments at the district or school levels or grading standard within an individual course or class that: (a) is inconsistently applied to students of similar demonstrated ability level; (b) has not provided for sufficient prior notice of weighting or importance, or preparation time; (c) is not based solely upon demonstrated student progress and achievement of reasonable and clear standards; (d) for group projects does not separate group performance criteria from individual criteria; (e) is not provided timely to students and their parents/guardians; and (f) does not motivate students to persist in assignments. REPORT: Grading standards are addressed in our written administrative policies and in the Student Handbook. The majority of teachers at Moffat School do an excellent job with regard to policies (a) – (d).  We continue to make improvements with regard to policies (e) and (f), and have put a great deal of effort into improving timely communication through the Advisor-Advisee program at the high school level. Our Go.edu student data software allows Moffat School parents with internet access to check on their students’ grades and progress from home. The regularly scheduled parent/teacher conferences and open-house evenings at Moffat School continue to have very good attendance. We send home a weekly grade report for those students with a grade of “D” or lower in any subject (middle/high school), and teachers are expected to   keep their electronic grade books up-to-date. Our teachers continually strive to meet the challenge of motivating students.  We continue to improve our ability to use student assessment data to differentiate instruction for each individual student and are entering an exciting new time with the recent acquisition of Alpine Achievement software.  I report compliance with this policy.
    4.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to operate facilities with appropriate accessibility to students, their families and community members. REPORT: I interpret this policy as referring to the physical access to our facility, as in accessibility for disabled persons. We are in compliance with the regulations regarding handicap accessibility. The school building is open for community use for a variety of uses as well, with procedures established for scheduling such uses. We continue to make improvements to our facilities and grounds. We will begin an office remodel project this summer through a CDE Capital Construction grant that will improve security in the front entrance to the school. I report compliance with this policy.
    5.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to operate without written rules which: (a) reasonably specify district expectations, standards and procedures, (b) provide for effective resolution of complaints, concerns and grievances, and (c) protect against wrongful conditions and disparate treatment for inappropriate reasons. REPORT: We have written rules and policies in our administrative policies, personnel handbook and our student handbooks, updated yearly, which address each of these issues. We make conscious efforts to be consistent in the application of these rules throughout the school. Parent grievances are handled at the building level, with the school principal and district superintendent willing to discuss issues of concern with parents and community members in a timely manner. Parents who wish to address the school board have been able to do so. The district recently received a complaint from the Office of Civil Rights filed by a parent of a student at the Crestone Charter School, alleging discrimination in a Section 504 matter at the Crestone Charter School. This complaint has been resolved. I am reporting compliance with this policy.
    6.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to retaliate against any student or family member for non-disruptive expression of dissent or concern. REPORT: Our administrative policies address students’ rights and responsibilities with regard to legally protected expression and procedures for student complaints and grievances. Moffat School has not received parent or student complaints regarding teacher or administration retaliation against parents or students for non-disruptive expression of dissent or concern. The recent OCR complaint included alleged retaliation. We support CCS in their denial of this allegation ,and this complaint has been resolved. We continue to strive to improve communication between school and home. I am reporting compliance.
    7.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to prevent students, families or community members from being heard by the Board when internal hearing procedures have been exhausted and the person alleges that Board policy has been violated to his or her detriment. REPORT: This has been and continues to be our policy both in writing and in practice. I report compliance.