• BOE_MonRep_02252008

    Internal Monitoring Report
    Executive Limitation Policy EL –9, Communication and Support to the Board
    GLOBAL POLICY PROHIBITION: The Superintendent shall not permit the board to be uninformed or unsupported in its work.
    INTERPRETATION: As the Board’s primary contact for all district operations, I shall not fail to provide for the Board all necessary information and support in order for the Board to hold effective discussions, make informed decisions and carry out any and all appropriate Board functions.
    REPORT: This report is my assurance that, as reasonably interpreted, these conditions have not occurred and that the data submitted below are accurate as of this date, February 25, 2008.
    Signed____________________________, Superintendent
    1.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to neglect to submit monitoring data required by the board in a timely, accurate and understandable fashion, directly addressing provisions of board policies being monitored. REPORT: I submit monitoring reports to the board as per the schedule set in board policy and have not missed submitting any reports to date. From the feedback I have received from the board, my reports have been understandable and complete. I am reporting compliance.
    2.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to report in a timely manner an actual or anticipated noncompliance with any policy of the board. REPORT: In my monitoring reports to the board, as well as in informal reports, I have indicated those areas where I have not complied entirely with board policy and where I perceive that improvement is necessary. I am reporting compliance.
    3.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to let the board be unaware of relevant trends, anticipated adverse media coverage, new legislation or regulations, municipal relationships, threatened or pending lawsuits, purchases over $10,000 from any one vendor, material external and internal changes, particularly changes in the assumptions upon which any board policy has previously been established. REPORT: Through my monthly superintendent reports, information included in board packets, e-mails sent to the board, board meeting agenda items, announcements and discussions at board meetings, I make the board aware of the latest information and news regarding educational, political, legal and financial issues that affect our district. I communicate with the board, especially the board President, on a frequent and regular basis. On those occasions when we spend over $10,000 with one vendor (usually associated with a vehicle purchase or a construction project) I inform the board through the superintendent’s report, the consent agenda or through the capital reserve check signing process. I report to the board on all new legislative requirements that result in new administrative policies or revisions to existing administrative policies. I am reporting compliance.
    4.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to advise the board if, in the Superintendent’s opinion, the board is not in compliance with its own policies on Governance Process and Board-Superintendent Linkage, particularly in the case of board behavior that is detrimental to the work relationship between the board and the Superintendent.  REPORT: Occasionally I have pointed out to the board at a board meeting the distinction between my responsibilities as a staff person and the board’s responsibilities as policy makers, or the distinction between “means” and “ends” issues. The board has pointed out this distinction as well. It is my opinion that these incidents have been clarifications rather than examples of non-compliance. This has not been a significant issue in my opinion. I am reporting compliance.
    5.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to marshal for the board as many staff and external points of view, issues and options as the board determines it needs for fully informed board choices. REPORT: I have provided for the board information from other staff members, often the business manager(s), legal advice from our attorney, financial information from our auditor and other outside experts, including other superintendents, when I or the board deemed such information necessary. The board presentations by teachers, both from Moffat School and CCS, also provide a different point of view on operations. I also include in the board packets pertinent news articles and other publications to inform the board about educational and legislative issues, as well as forwarding informational e-mails on a frequent basis. I also encourage the board to attend, and usually accompany the board at, several CASB functions each year in order to stay informed of educational trends and legislative news. I am reporting compliance.
    6.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to present information in unnecessarily complex or lengthy form or in a form that fails to differentiate among information of three types: monitoring, decision preparation, and other. REPORT: I present information to the board in a focused, brief fashion. If I explain things in greater detail than is necessary in order to try to make things as understandable as possible, the Board usually lets me know that less complexity is needed. The distinction between monitoring information, information for the purpose of decision-making and other types of information is made clear. I am reporting compliance.
    7.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to provide a mechanism for official board, officer or committee communications. REPORT: I have established several effective mechanisms for board, officer and committee communications. These include e-mails for timely communications and the passing on of important information from many outside sources, phone calls when appropriate, mailings and face-to-face contact. The board president and I communicate frequently to discuss current as well as long-term issues and on a regular schedule when preparing for monthly board meeting. I am reporting compliance.
    8.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to deal with the board as a whole except when (a) fulfilling individual requests for information or (b) responding to officers or committees duly charged by the board. REPORT: I am fully aware of this policy and only deal with the board as a whole except as noted. When I deal with individual board members outside of the context of board meetings, as I often have occasion to do, I am conscious that the board member is not acting on behalf of the board as a whole except as noted above. I will, when deemed necessary, remind individual board members that a particular issue or discussion needs to be brought to the entire board at a board meeting. I am fortunate that our board and/or individual board members do not attempt to make board decisions outside of the context of official board meetings or act in other ways that are contrary to policy. I am reporting compliance.
    9.POLICY PROHIBITION: It is unacceptable to fail to supply for the consent agenda all items delegated to the Superintendent yet required by law or contract to be board-approved, along with the monitoring assurance pertaining thereto. REPORT: I have consistently put on the consent agenda those items I am responsible for but which the board must legally vote upon, including the necessary back-up documentation either stated on the agenda or placed in the board packet (e.g., board resolutions for capital reserve spending, approval of hirings, approval of expenditures, grant applications, etc.). I am reporting compliance.