• BOE_Min_11142007

    Board of Education Regular Meeting 5:30 p.m. 

    Minutes for the regular meeting held on November 14, 2007 in the Moffat Consolidated School round room.

    1.Call to Order
    President Shoman called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. in the Moffat School round room. 
    Members Present                                     Others Present
    Linda Godfrey                              Eli Dokson, Superintendent
    Michelle Olsen                              Karen Hazard, Business Manager
    Marta Shoman                              Linda Stagner, Business Manager
    Scott Swartz                                 Kathryn Brady, CCS- 5:45 p.m.
                                                             Natasha Carter, CCS
                                                             Pavita Decorah
    2.Approval of Minutes
    Motion by Swartz, second by Godfrey, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of October 15 , 2007 as written.   Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    3Approval of Agenda
    Motion by Olsen, second by Swartz to approve the agenda with the following modifications: Add Pavita Decorah-Lexam to item 3.5; add CCS contract addendum to item 8e; add Prepackaged web page to item 9e; and add Board Member situation to item 9f.      Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    3.5Pavita Decorah-Lexam drilling
    Pavita Decorah, Crestone, presented the board will an analysis of chemicals used in natural gas development and delivery in Colorado. She told the board of health hazards of the chemicals used in the drilling of gas wells. She stated that children are more vulnerable to chemicals. 
    Eli Dokson stated that a school board is bound by legal mandates dealing with the distribution of information. They cannot use public monies to promote one side or another of political or controversial issues.
    Board Member Olsen stated that the board needed to do more research on the topic and needed to get both points of view before making a stand. 
    Board Member Godfrey stated that after watching a movie the night before she feels the board would be negligent if it did not address this issue. Lengthy discussion followed. 
    President Shoman summarized the discussion. The board will pass around the video to view, they will do research on the topic to become informed, Sage will contract the health department to check on their what they are doing, the board will revisit the topic in December and will consider adopting a resolution.
    Board Member Swartz relayed to the board that was a community member involved in rocket launching that would like to have students start a rocket club. He would like to help. Superintendent Dokson stated that he would need to contract the school principal.
    5.Consent Agenda
    Olsen moved to approve the consent agenda of #a-Approval of Monthly Expenditure and #b-Approval of hiring: Michael Seitz-Assistant Middle School Basketball Coach ($1 contract); Robin Blankenship-Assistant Ski Sponsor; Enedina Grover-Temporary Cafeteria Assistant and volunteer ski chaperone. Seconded by Goddfrey. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    6. Superintendent Report; Moffat Principal’s Report; CCS Report
    Superintendent Dokson presented the completed district brochure to the board.
    Superintendent Dokson submitted ideas for a district logo submitted by the Moffat School Tech Art class. Moffat School and the Charter School have logos but the district does not have one.
    The demographics of the district were reviewed. The other 14 school districts in the valley are experiencing down enrollments. The valley is down 150 students from last year. Center has had to cut 15 staff members. Other schools have enacted salary freezes.
    Board Member Godfrey discussed with Kathryn Brady CCS’s meeting on November 4 dealing with ENDS 4. CCS does not plan to look at any other plan but will revisit this issue in December.  
    Board President asked if CCS had received the information concerning public meetings. The board is concerned with how CCS is conducting meetings in regard to the Sunshine Law. Kathryn stated that CCS will review these materials at the next meeting.
    School activities were reviewed. 
    President Shoman asked Kathryn Brady if CCS had chosen a representative for the superintendent search. Bill Roberts was on the committee but he is in retreat at this time. CCS will chose another representative at their meeting tomorrow.
    CCS is taking donations for their new facility. Board Member Swartz asked if CCS had chosen a facility design. Kathryn responded they have not. 
    Superintendent Dokson asked what progress CCS was making in regard to the new facility. Kathryn responded that CCS is writing a proposal to the POA asking for a land donation.
    Board Member Olsen stepped out at 6:30 p.m.
    7. Monitoring Reports: EL-5-Financial Condition and Activities; EL-8-Compensation and Benefits
    Discussion was held regarding account balances and the benefit packages.
    Swartz moved to accept and approve EL-5 and EL-8 as written. Seconded by Godfrey. Vote: Godfrey-yes; Olsen-absent; Shoman-yes; Swartz-yes. Motion carried.      
    President Shoman called a break at 6:40 p.m.
    The board reconvened at 6:48 p.m.
    8. Old Business
    a.Community Engagement: CCS Governing Council Meeting, etc.
    The CCS Board meeting will be held tomorrow.
    b.Review Superintendent Search
    The superintendent search time-line was reviewed. The make up of the committees was discussed. 
    Board Member Olsen rejoined the meeting at 6:58 p.m.
    Board President Shoman stated that she is having personal issues and is not able to give her dedication to the board. She stated her intent to resign the end of February or the first part of March. She will not be able to attend the screening meeting scheduled for December 14. Lengthy discussion followed. The board was in consensus to hold the screening on December 16 from 10:00 to 4:00 at Board Member Godfrey’s home. Board Member Godfrey will be the lead person dealing with the superintendent Search. 
    c.CASB Delegate Assembly/Fall Regional Meeting/Annual Convention
    Board Members Godfrey and Olsen reported on the convention.
    d.Winter Calendar Events
    The logistics of events were discussed for CCS and Moffat School.
    e.Approve CCS Contract Addendum
    The addendum separates out certain contract issues dealing with requirements and finances, i.e.: ELL, 504’s, counseling may be negotiated, G&T and mental health.
    Godfrey moved to accept and approve the contract addendum between CCS and the Moffat School district. Seconded by Swartz. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    9.New Business
    a.Board Reorganization after Cancelled Election
    Swartz moved to retain the current board positions: Marta Shoman, president; Sage Godfrey, Vice-President; Michelle Olsen, Secretary/Treasurer; Scott Swartz, member. Seconded by Godfrey. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    The reorganization of the board was discussed. President Shoman has moved and is no longer in director district 2.
    Board President Shoman submitted her resignation from the Moffat Board of Education Director District 2.   Swartz moved to accept the resignation of President Shoman from director district 2. Seconded by Olsen. Vote: Godfrey-yes; Olsen-yes; Shoman-not able to vote; Swartz-yes. Motion carried. 
    Swartz moved to appoint Marta Shoman to the Moffat Board of Education director district 3. Seconded by Olsen. Vote: Godfrey-yes; Olsen-yes; Shoman-not able to vote; Swartz-yes. Motion carried. 
    Board Member Godfrey submitted her resignation from the Moffat Board of Education Director District At Large. Swartz moved to accept the resignation of Sage Godfrey from director district at large. Seconded by Olsen. Vote: Godfrey-unable to vote; Olsen-yes; Shoman-yes; Swartz-yes. Motion carried.
    Swartz moved to appoint Sage Godfrey to the Moffat Board of Education director district 2. Seconded by Olsen. Vote: Godfrey-unable to vote; Olsen-yes; Shoman-yes; Swartz-yes. Motion carried.
    The at large #A director district is now open for a 2 year position.
    Olsen moved to reconfirm all motions made in the meeting prior to the reorganization of the board of education. Seconded Swartz. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    b.     Notification of new or revised administrative policies: IJNDAB, JF, JF-E, JF-E-2, JFBB, JICDA, KICDD, JICDE, JICED, JICED, JICH, JICI, JIH, JK, JLCA, JLDAC, JLDAC-E, JS, LC
    Superintendent Dokson submitted to the board copies of policies : IJNDAB, JF, JF-E, JF-E-2, JFBB, JICDA, KICDD, JICDE, JICED, JICED, JICH, JICI, JIH, JK, JLCA, JLDAC, JLDAC-E, JS, LC. They are required legal updates.
    Superintendent Dokson submitted to the board copies of repealed policies as per law.
    Superintendent Dokson notified the board that he would be leaving town from November 15th through the 26th
    d.HB-1118-Commuity based Process to Develop a Blueprint for Education
    The board will begin implementation in July of 2008.
    e.Pre-Packaged Web-Site
    Board Member Godfrey submitted an idea of purchasing a pre-packaged web page. Superintendent Dokson responded that the district had already purchased a web-page package and was in the process of developing and implementing the site.
    10. Board Self-Assessment: BSR-5
    President Shoman read BSR-5-Staff Relations. 
    The next board meeting will be December 12 at 5:30 p.m.
    The board thanked Marta for all of the hard work she has done for the district and was in consensus that it would be a great loss when she resigned.
    Board President Shoman thanked Board Member Godfrey for stepping up and taking charge.
    11. Executive Session: CRS 24-6-402(4)(b,c,d,e,f,h)
    12. Adjournment
    President Shoman declared the meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
    ________________________________        ______________________________
    Martha Shoman, President                              Michelle Olsen, Secy./Treas.