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    Board of Education Regular Meeting 5:00   p.m.
    Moffat Consolidated School District #2
    Minutes for the regular meeting held on April 21, 2008 in the Moffat Consolidated School round room.
    1.Call to Order
    President Shoman called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. in the Moffat School round room. 
    Members Present                                       Others Present
    Kathryn Booth                                                Eli Dokson, Superintendent
    Linda Godfrey                                         Karen Hazard, Business Manager
    Michelle Olsen                                        Linda Stagner, Business Manager
    Marta Shoman                                            Kathryn Brady, CCS
    Scott Swartz                                                Charles Warren
    2.Approval of Minutes
    Motion by Olsen, second by Swartz, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of March 19, 2008 as written. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    3Approval of Agenda
    Motion by Swartz, second by Olsen to approve the agenda with the following modifications:  Add resignation approval of Marjorie Boothe, paraprofessional, to item 5c, add budget process to item 9c and move 9a, teacher presentation to item 3.5.    Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    3.5 9a. Teacher Presentation-Michele Hammel, Moffat Pre-school teacher, Reading First Interventionist
    Superintendent Dokson introduced Michele Hammel. Ms. Hammel reported on the pre-school program at Moffat School.
    Superintendent Dokson discussed logistics of CDE Representative Penn’s visit. President Shoman handed out board leadership materials.
    President Shoman administered the oath of office for director district at large to Kathryn Booth and welcomed her to the board.
    5.Consent Agenda
    Swartz moved to approve the consent agenda of #a-approval of monthly expenditures, #b-approval of hirings: Larry Chacon (Moffat HS Asst. Track Coach); Dustin Schlaffer (Moffat HS Asst. Track Coach $1 contract, #c- resignation of Marjorie Boothe, Title I paraprofessional. Seconded by Olsen.  Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    6. Superintendent Report; Moffat Principal’s Report; CCS Report
    Superintendent Dokson reported that the grant to remodel the front office at Moffat School for safety purposes was approved. Depending on the time-line of receiving a permit, work will be done this summer or the next.
    Discussion was held on the budget process, CSAP testing, underage drinking, and the recruitment fair.
    Kathryn Brady reported on CCS’s universal proposal for land acquisition, the Gates Family Foundation meeting, and the LINK trip to Costa Rico.
    President Shoman acknowledged Kathryn Brady’s personal contacts and her work in making this one of the best trips CCS has taken. It was very well organized.
    7. Monitoring Reports: EL-5 Financial Condition and Activities; EL-8 Compensation    and Benefits
    Swartz moved to approve the monitoring reports EL-5 and EL-8 as submitted. Seconded by Olsen. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    8.  Old Business
    a. Community Engagement: CCS Governing Council , BOE-CCS dinner rescheduling, Democracy School update, etc.
    Board Member Godfrey reviewed the last two CCS meetings.
    Dr. Warren reported on the Democracy School. It is a conservation and environmental legal defense organization. Dr. Warren would like to have guidance as to how he should represent the BOE on the task force. The board was in consensus that he should just listen and come back to the board after July 1 for further clarification.
    b. IPGA Conference
    Logistics of the conference were discussed.
    c.Reminders: Teacher of the Year Dinner; Superintendent Goodbye Celebrations
    Logistics of the dinner were discussed. Michele Hammel is the 2008 Moffat teacher of the year.
    d.Revisit Board Officer Appointments
    Board election and reorganization protocol was discussed. The board will need to reorganize after the resignation of President Shoman. Each board member stated their interest in serving on the board. Members Swartz and Olsen stated that they were to busy in their personal lives to devote enough time the office of president needed. Board Member Booth stated she was new and had no interests yet. Board Member Godfrey read a statement she had prepared declaring her interest in serving as the board president.
    e.Review of Current District-CCS Contract
    Superintendent Dokson highlighted sections 5 and 6. The board will start at section 7 next month.
    New Business
    a. Teacher Presentation – Michele Hammel, Moffat Pre-school teacher, Reading First Interventionist
    Completed in item 3.5. 
    b.     Changes in District Legal Representation
     David Price, the Moffat District attorney, has transferred to a private firm. He will still be working with CASB. The rate of pay will stay the same if he is retained by the district. Superintendent Dokson advised keeping Mr. Price as our legal representative.
    c.     Budget Process
    President Shoman asked what the budget presumptions were for the coming year. Superintendent Dokson and Business Manager Stagner responded that the fund balance would be down, the PPOR is being budged the same as last year. Student count is also lower. The state is giving a 3.4 increase on PPOR but it is on the J curve (which is around $6,000) and not our actual PPOR. 
                Superintendent Dokson reported to the board on volunteers.
    10. Board Self-Assessment: BSR-5, GP-5, GP-6
    President Shoman read BSR-5- Monitoring Superintendent, GP-5-Chairpersons Role, and GP-6-Board Member Conduct
    11. Executive Session: CRS 24-6-402(4)(b,c,d,e,f,h)
    12. Adjournment
    President Shoman declared the meeting adjourned at 9:06 p.m.
    ________________________________               ______________________________
    Martha Shoman, President                                  Michelle Olsen, Secy./Treas.