• BOE_Min_02252008

    Board of Education Regular Meeting 5:30 p.m.
    Moffat Consolidated School District #2
    The board went into executive session at 4:16 p.m. to discuss a personnel issue, the possible hiring of a superintendent, as per C.R.S.24-6-402(4)(f). The board came out of executive session at 5:35 p.m.
    Minutes for the regular meeting held on February 25, 2008 in the Moffat Consolidated School round room.
    1.Call to Order
    President Shoman called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m. in the Moffat School round room. 
    Members Present                                             Others Present
    Linda Godfrey                                                    Eli Dokson, Superintendent
    Michelle Olsen                                                    Karen Hazard, Business Manager
    Marta Shoman                                                   Linda Stagner, Business Manager
    Scott Swartz                                                      Kathryn Brady, CCS
                                                          Thomas Cleary
                                                          Will Miles
                                                          Michelle Hashbarger, Principal
                                                          Linda Eickhoff
    2.Approval of Minutes
    Motion by Olsen, second by Godfrey, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of January 28, 2008 as written. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    3Approval of Agenda
    Motion by Swartz, second by Olsen to approve the agenda with the following modification:  Add March Board of Education Meeting date change to item 9c, and moved 9a, teacher presentation, to item 3.5.    Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    3.59a. Teacher Presentation –Thomas Cleary, CCS Teacher
    Thomas Cleary, CCS High School Math and Science teacher, reported on his teaching program and activities.  
    Superintendent Dokson will check on the price of the IPGA newsletter, dealing with policy governance, for the board. 
    5.Consent Agenda
    Olsen moved to approve the consent agenda of #a-Approval of Monthly Expenditure. Seconded by Godfrey. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    6. Superintendent Report; Moffat Principal’s Report; CCS Report
    The Moffat School gymnasium floor was discussed. The gym has received its last sanding before replacement. The floor professionals stated that it should be good for another ten years. At this time it will take approximately $50,000 to replace the floor. The district will need to save approximately $5,000 per year in the capital reserve fund for the project.
    The district has been granted a legal easement for a small lot adjacent to the Moffat School track. The district will now be able to put in a request to the town to vacate a non existent road and will be able to apply for a GoCo Grant.  
    Superintendent Dokson reported that the Moffat School District has the highest poverty level in the state according to census data.   
    Board Member Godfrey asked about the Moffat School ‘s field trip to the movies and the rating of the movie. Principal Hashbarger responded that the movie was Juno and rated PG13. Students had permission slips signed by their guardians to attend.
    Kathryn Brady, CCS, stated that Mary Dodge has resigned from CCS and her job was spit between two people, David Billesback and Schuyer Fishman. DIBELS testing training was discussed. 
    The land acquisition at CCS was discussed. 
    Board Member Godfrey stated that she enjoyed the peace initiative workshop held at CCS. 
    The kindergarten enrollment meeting between Moffat School and CCS is to be rescheduled.
    7. Monitoring Reports: EL-9-Communicaation and Support to the Board
    After review, Olsen moved to accept and approve EL-9 as written. Seconded by Godfrey. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    8.  Old Business
    a.   Superintendent Hiring
    Godfrey moved to approve the hiring of Charlie Warren as the superintendent of     Moffat Consolidated School for the 2007-2008 school year. Seconded by Swartz. Vote: Godrey-yes; Olsen-yes; Showman-no; Swartz-yes. Motion carried. President Shoman stated that she called Dr. Warren and asked if he would accept the position if offered and stated he would. 
    b.Community Engagement: CCS Governing Council Meeting, etc.
    Logistics of upcoming activities were discussed.
    Board Member Godfrey reported on the CCS Governing Council meeting.
    Discussion was held on how to inform the public of the hiring Dr. Warren as superintendent. Board Member Godfrey will write an article for the local newspapers and the school newsletter.
    c. CASB Winter Legislative Conference Debriefing
    Board members reported on their activities at the CASB Winter Legislative Conference.
    d.Policy Governance Conference
    All board members stated that they would like to attend. Final decisions will be made in March.
    New Business
    a. Teacher Presentation – Thomas Cleary, CCS Teacher
    Completed in item 3.5.
    b.     Democracy School
     Board Member Godfrey stated that there will be a meeting in mid March in Crestone dealing with better ways for groups to work together. There is a fee to attend. The board was in consensus to talk to people who attended and see if the district would like to attend in the future.
    c.     March BOE Change of Date
    The board will hold the March meeting on March 19, 2008 at 5:00 In the Moffat School round room.
    The board will invite Dr. Warren and Kathryn Booth, a prospective board member, to attend the March meeting.
    Discussion was held on the superintendent compensation and contract. The board will review a draft of the contract at 4:30 on March 19 prior to the regular board meeting. Swartz moved to offer Dr. Warren a contract for $73,500 with full family medical, dental, and vision benefits. Seconded by Olsen. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    a.Board Self-Assessment: BSR-3, BSR-4
    President Shoman read  and the board reviewed BSR-3 and BSR-4. 
    11. Executive Session: CRS 24-6-402(4)(b,c,d,e,f,h)
    12. Adjournment
    President Shoman declared the meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.
    _____________________________         ______________________________
    Martha Shoman, President                      Michelle Olsen, Secy./Treas.