• BOE_CCSRpt_06162008

    Director’s Report Crestone Charter School
    June 2008
    Kathryn Brady

    1.0 Enrollment
    2.0 Finance
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
                3.1 Staff
                3.2 Students
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    5.0 Fundraising
    6.0 New Facility Committee
    7.0 District
    8.0 Community Acknowledgment
    1.0 Enrollment
    §We have received pre-enrollment forms for 58 students
    §The two teen age children of Elbert Arias, our Costa Rican tour coordinator, are acquiring student visas to travel to the US and attend the Charter school LINK program for the 2008-2009 school year. In exchange for the experience of living and studying in Colorado for a school year, Elbert has offered CCS a 99-year-lease on the patch of cloud forest that LINK students explored and studied on during their spring trip. Plans for the Arias’ stay involves living arrangements and ESL services. We expect the Arias siblings to arrive in mid-August.
    §We have three students pre-enrolled, but whose attendance next year is dependent on family situations this summer, making our total pre-enrollment for the 2008-2009 school year at this point, 63 total students, or 61 FTE.
    2.0 Finance
    §We continue to adjust next year’s budget with an eye towards expansion or constriction depending on the October 1st count.
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
    3.1 Staff
    ·David Billesbach and I will attend RTI training sponsored by CDE June 22-25.
    ·Anrahyah Arstad attended a science teacher training for instruction in Alternative Energy. Pueblo June 6-8
    ·Thomas Cleary and Charlie Warren have begun registration for science teachers to workshop at the ROCK in August. Several CCS staff will attend this valley-wide instruction.
    ·David Billesbach, Karen Acker and Thomas Cleary have begun planning for the use of a new integrated math program for LINK high school students.
    ·New teachers, Judi Stoker and Clancy Walsh, will be on campus sporadically beginning July 1st and will be available for parent conferences after August 19th.
     3.2 Students
    ·May concluded a large number of student activities including
    oMidsummer Night’s Dream production
    oShow and Tell
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    ·We begin annual maintenance on vans in compliance with District inspections.
    ·Thomas has expanded the powerpoint that Jay and I created for the Midsummer post-show presentation and this is now available to share with summer retreatants at various Spiritual Centers or other groups.
    ·Cheryl Waschencko will attend the UC grant writing workshop June 30-July1
    6.0 Land Search and New Facility
    ·Gayatri will attend the board meeting of the McAdams foundation June 20th in RI. She brings a video short produced by Scott Swordy that includes highlights from end-of-year activities including Shakespeare, Show and Tell, and student and teacher voices. A copy of our universal proposal and brochure are also in the presentation package. Gayatri will ask for a donation from the McAdams foundation to support land purchase.  
    ·Charlie Warren will serve on committee of the POA designed to look at future uses and possibilities of the Challenger Golf Course, including the possibilities of the Charter School being located within the golf course property.
    ·Council will review additional portions of the GFF planning tool at the June meeting.
    ·Copies of the universal proposal have been mailed to Jaime Ireland. Copies have been requested by Greg Griffith and Steve McDowell and delivered to these parties through Jake Jepsen and Grace Anderson respectively.
    7.0 District
    §Willow Springs collaborative dinner with BOE is June 12th at 5:15 (note the early start time as it will allow BOE members to attend another meeting in Alamosa following the dinner).
    §Charlie begins transition work in the District office the last two weeks of June.
    10.0 Community Acknowledgements
    §Thanks to Scott Swordy for video production in our fundraising efforts.
    §Thanks to all the families who participated in the community potluck following graduation. The event was a great success.
    §Thanks to volunteers Sue Beck, Karen Potter, Jay Brady and Cindy Cleary for extraordinary service hours during the month of May.