• BOE_CCSRpt_05192008

    Director’s Report Crestone Charter School
    May 2008
    Kathryn Brady

    1.0 Enrollment
    2.0 Finance
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
                3.1 Staff
                3.2 Students
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    5.0 Fundraising
    6.0 New Facility Committee
    7.0 District
    8.0 Community Acknowledgment

    1.0 Enrollment
    §Nothing new to report since March’s accounting.
    2.0 Finance
    §We submit for you a preliminary budget for next year that accounts for all classroom spending, new hires, current staff cost of living adjustment, plans for facility development, and leaves reserves to cover Tabor, and contingency salaries.
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
    3.1 Staff
    ·Clancy Walsh, a reading recovery specialist with over ten years classroom experience with elementary students, and a resident of Crestone/Baca, has accepted the position as our new Primary classroom teacher for the 2008-2009 school year. Clancy has over a decade of experience as an elementary classroom teacher, focusing on balanced literacy program and a dynamic, hands-on math program that spirals on a daily basis through the standards. With experience in traditional reading initiatives such as Reading First and Title I, he will focus his caring and commitment as a teacher to developing an individualized approach for CCS students while fostering a love learning. Between building a grow dome at his home with his wife Jennifer, and raising bees this summer, he will be spending time developing his classroom in preparation for a new year.
    ·Our new middle school teacher is Judith Stoker, a connection formed through leaving-middle school teacher, Charlie Warren’s Ohio teaching community of Nagels. With a Masters of Education and certification in secondary Language Arts, Judith values writing and the development of Voice in her students across the curriculum, and will use hands-on, project based learning in and beyond the classroom. Thomas Cleary, CCS school wide science teacher, will partner with Judith in the mornings to round out academic instruction in this classroom. Judi, her husband Michael and children, Warren 10 and Olivia 8, will make the leap from Ohio to Colorado this summer.
    ·Mentorship and Volunteer Appreciation Tea is scheduled for May 20th at the Willow Springs Bed and Breakfast. If you would like to see that a special volunteer is acknowledged at this event please let me know so an invitation can be sent.
    ·Deb Morley is returning slowly to work and has helped complete the preliminary budget for your approval this evening.
     3.2 Students
    ·Primary through Middle School students will be testing for the spring session of NWEA through May 16th. Results will be matched against the student’s fall scores to show their yearly progress in math, reading and writing.
    ·Graduation Ceremonies will be held at Challenger Golf Course on May 23rd at 5pm. A community potluck and barbecue will follow.
    ·Julian Stollmeyer will offer soccer lessons and mini-scrimmages this month as PE activities for EE, Primary and Intermediate students on Fridays.
    ·Primary students will participate in the LINK production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as the Fairy krewe. Production is slated for May 16, 17 and 18 in the courtyard of the White Eagle.
    ·A falconer named Gail Garber with the organization “Hawks Aloft” will present a demonstration and sharing session with our students and her birds of prey on May 5th.
    ·Dr. Seuss Day is being sponsored this year by Middle School students on May 6th. The entire Elementary campus is invited to participate in dress-up day and share student writing, reading and storytelling.
    ·Show and Tell is May 22nd 6pm at the White Eagle.
    ·Last day of school for students is May 23rd. Graduation ceremonies will be held at the Challenger Golf Course on the 23rd at 5pm.
    ·Parent-teacher conferences are May 27th and May 28th.
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    ·No news since last report.
    ·No additions since April’s report.
    6.0 Land Search and New Facility
    ·Brochures are in. Please see your attached copy.
    ·In a preliminary meeting with POA manager, Bob Hite, informal discussion was had regarding the school being located on a part of the current golf course. At a following work session it was decided a committee would be formed to look into the further use and development of the golf course and the possibilities of the charter school locating there would be part of that discussion.
    ·Anikke Storm headed up the review of the Gates Family Foundation “readiness” section of capital construction school building power point on April 16th. In attendance were Grace Anderson, staff members Charlie Warren and Anrahyah Arstad, and council members Steve Winn, Marie-Louise Baker, Abba Jepsen, and myself.
    7.0 District
    §A reception to honor Superintendent Eli Dokson’s retirement as well as Marta Shoman’s retirement as President of the Moffat District BOE is scheduled for May 13th in Moffat.
    §The District Accountability Committee’s end of the year meeting that focuses on progress of annual school goals will be held on Wednesday, May 7th at 4:15.
    10.0 Community Acknowledgements
    §Thanks to Judie Rose for extraordinary volunteer services in the front office this month, along with making B & B stays for our out-of-town applicants possible on our limited budget, and for support with the Shakespeare Post-Play party.
    §Thanks to Jay Brady for all of the photo and design work he donated to the CCS facility brochure.