• BOE_CCSRpt_04212008

    Director’s Report Crestone Charter School
    April 2008
    Kathryn Brady

    1.0 Enrollment
    2.0 Finance
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
                3.1 Staff
                3.2 Students
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    5.0 Fundraising
    6.0 New Facility Committee
    7.0 District
    8.0 Community Acknowledgment


    1.0 Enrollment
    §Nothing new to report since March’s accounting.
    2.0 Finance
    §We are creating the preliminary budget. A complete report on this is included in this month’s EL’s.
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
    3.1 Staff
    ·Interviews for the Middle School and Primary teaching positions will take place on Friday, April 25th. We will see three candidates for each position. We will reserve May 3rd for another interview day to see any further eligible applicants that apply by April 30th.
    ·Staff will participate in another session of Olweus Bullying Prevention training on April 22nd.
    ·Deb Morley, Office Manager, will be out through at least mid-May. She is recovering from emergency surgery. Dee Rudoff will be helping with office reception in the mornings. We are still seeking afternoon support in the front office with phone and deliveries.
     3.2 Students
    ·CSAP tests are complete and the window ends April 10th. Tests will be packaged for mailing on the 14th.
    ·Early Elementary students will travel to Mesa Verde later this month as part of their Ancient Cultures studies.
    ·LINK students are in Costa Rica conducting science studies in the cloud forest, gathering fossils, and participating in home stays in the rural village of San Antonio. They return April 19th.
    ·Intermediate students and Early Elementary students begin body-awareness studies with Katie Gettchel this month.
    ·Primary students will participate in the LINK production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as the Fairy krewe. Production is slated for May 15, 16 and 17 in the courtyard of the White Eagle.
    ·Middle School students are in California for their spring trip taking in the Labrea Tar Pits, Museum of Natural History, China Town and environs. They return April 11th in time for dinner.
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    ·A clean sweep was made of weeds and straw grass in the garden areas and around the sidewalks on the Elementary campus during spring break. Sidewalks will need repair work this summer. The long winter and the application of “ice melt” crystals has eroded a large section of slab in front of the storage shed.
    ·LINK students completed their two final fundraisers at Desert Sage and Caddyshack Pizza prior to departing for Costa Rica.
    ·Manitou Foundation made a $1000 donation to the LINK travel program.
    6.0 Land Search and New Facility
    ·Brochures are expected Monday, April 14th.
    ·A universal proposal has been completed for presentation to community, landowners and donors.
    ·A large brochure produced by the Gates Family Foundation is available for GC and I recommend a workday where we go through this very detailed tutorial that maps the steps towards facility construction.
    ·I spoke with Lisa Flores of GFF to request a workshop day with her re: facility construction and fundraising. Though she is unable to facilitate this as a representative of GFF, she encouraged us to thoroughly go through the compendium they have online and if we want to pursue further consultation she can make recommendations on our behalf with presenters that can guide us in a day session in the details of this process.
    ·I have emailed Bob Hite of POA to explain the confusion re: greenbelt space we were inquiring about in March and request the chance to meet POA board and say “howdy” and share our universal proposal.
    7.0 District
    §A reception to honor Superintendent Dokson’s retirement as well as Marta Shoman’s retirement as President of the Moffat District BOE is scheduled for May 13th in Moffat.
    10.0 Community Acknowledgements
    §We send loving support to Deb Morley for her complete recovery from emergency surgery this month.
    §Thanks to Manitou Foundation for their generous donation to the LINK travel program.
    §Thanks to Atalanta community garden project for student learning opportunities during the month of April.
    §Thanks to parent chaperones who make expeditionary travel possible this month. They include: Katie Booth, Sheri Garcia, Kris Caffrey, Scott Swordy, and Rachel Medina.
    §Thanks to Steve and Kathleen Duplantier, educational coordinators for the LINK Costa Rica trip. The exceptional care and thoughtfulness of the especially tailored itinerary and learning activities sets a new bar for our travel program.
    §Thanks to Karen Hazaard and Linda Stagner of Moffat District for administrative support during Deb’s absence this month.
    §Thanks to Karla Stockley and Nita McAuliffe of Boces for excellent support of CCS special needs students this month.
    §Thanks to Judi Rose for volunteer office support this month.