• BOE_CCSRpt_03192008

    Director’s Report Crestone Charter School
    March 2008
    Kathryn Brady

    1.0 Enrollment
    2.0 Finance
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
                3.1 Staff
                3.2 Students
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    5.0 Fundraising
    6.0 New Facility Committee
    7.0 District
    8.0 Community Acknowledgment
    1.0 Enrollment
    §1 new female primary class student registered on March 6th, 2008.
    2.0 Finance
    §We are in budget planning process this month, looking at remainder of the 2007-2008 school year and preparing figures for next year’s budget and possible new teaching positions.
    3.0 Education and Curriculum Development
    3.1 Staff
    ·Staff completed a first draft of a Spiraling Curriculum for Language Arts on our workday this month.
    ·Staff met with ML Baker to prepare an organizational map of space to be used in the new facility.
    ·Staff will spend four hours in Olweus bullying-prevention training this month with Alice Price of Restorative Services. Alice is traveling from Alamosa to be with our faculty for this important training.
    ·Staff met with Ann Hense Stevens to collaborate on an arts grant funding opportunity that could provide money to support integrated arts studies in classes, as well as visiting artist residencies.
    ·We have posted openings for Elementary and Middle School teaching positions at CDE, CLCS, Valley Courier, Craig’s List, Crestone Eagle and Saguache Crescent. We are pricing Denver Post, Santa Fe Chieftain. We hope to have applicants to consider by April 30th though we will leave the positions open long enough to find the best possible teachers.
     3.2 Students
    ·CSAP testing happens this month.
    ·Primary students traveled to Monte Vista to see the Cranes as part of their outdoor ed instruction this month.
    ·SLV electric will sponsor a Table Top electricity and safety demo on the elementary campus on Tuesday, March 25th. CCS parent, Charlie Booth, is generously conducting and coordinating the demonstration as part of his work with SLV electric.
    ·Intermediate students continue archery studies with guest mentor, Wayne Halstrom.
    ·Intermediate students begin body-awareness and physical fitness studies with guest mentor, Katie Getchel this month.
    ·LINK students will perform at Caddyshack Pizza on March 28th following the last Monarch ski/snowboard day of the season for our program. Students participating in the band mentorship will play from 6-8 while diners can enjoy Tico food or pizza with proceeds benefiting LINK travel to Costa Rica. The band has agreed to call themselves, for one night only, “Aphrodite and The Hobo Lovers”. Don’t miss the opportunity for neo-punk pizza and fundraising.
    4.0 Facility and Transportation
    ·Two vans had repair work this month. All work was under warranty.
    ·Roof leaks were repaired in the Intermediate classroom.
    ·LINK students will host a fundraiser at the Desert Sage on Saturday, March 15th from 6-8 pm. Irish Stew is the St. Paddy’s theme including a salad buffet, bread, and tea.
    ·LINK Tico night fundraiser at Caddyshack includes musical performance by “Aphrodite and The Hobo Lovers”—band mentorship students---happening March 28th 6-9 pm.
    6.0 Land Search and New Facility
    ·Anikke and I met with Hanne Strong and her daughter, Suzanne, and listened to Hanne’s ideas about the Solar Village development and land possibilities at that location that might be dedicated for educational purposes.
    ·NFC committee meets on March 13th, 6pm LINK. ML Baker will present and help participants further develop the spactial-organizational map and focus on phases of construction and priorities for the new facility. We will go over the list of land opportunities and assign a priority of approach. We will make final edits to our universal proposal. We will send our brochure to print the week of March 17th.
    7.0 District
    §District Accountability Committee met on March 3rd and updates from CCS and Moffat schools were shared in regard to each program’s annual School Improvement Plans. The date for the year’s final committee meeting was set for May 6th.
    §The Board of Education meets March 19th at 5pm in Moffat. Katie Booth, BOCES employee, CCS parent and Moffat resident, is on the agenda to address the board as part of her/their inquiry into the membership process.
    §The GC-BOE Willow Springs collaboration dinner is March 24th at 5:30 pm.
    §Charlie will begin taking weekly lunches at Moffat school as part of his transition process into the Superintendent position.
    10.0 Community Acknowledgements
    §Thanks to Wade and Carrie at Caddyshack Pizza for supporting student travel by sponsoring Costa Rica Night on March 28th.
    §Thanks to Tsering and Ling at Desert Sage---and Jimi in the kitchen---for their support of LINK students with “St. Patrick’s Weekend Fundraiser” at the Sage, Saturday, March 15th.
    §Thanks to Charlie Booth for bringing CCS students the Table Top Electricity Demo
    §Thanks to community members Will Miles, Karen Potter, Karen Acker, Deb Morely and Reynold Bean for participating in last month’s superintendent interviews.