• BOE_Age_11142007

    Board Meeting Agenda

    November 14th, 2007

    Time: 5:30 pm

    Location: Round Room, Moffat School

    1. Call to Order
    2. Approval of Minutes
    3. Approval of Agenda
      1. Additions

    i.Citizens who wish to address the Board

    ii.Items from the Board

    iii.Items from the Superintendent

    1. Announcements
    2. Consent Agenda
      1. Approval of Monthly Expenditures
      2. Approval of hirings: Michael Seitz – Assistant Middle School Basketball Coach ($1 contract); Robin Blankenship – Assistant Ski Sponsor; Enedina Grover – Temporary Cafeteria Assistant, Volunteer Ski Chaperone

    6.Superintendent’s report; Moffat Principal’s report; CCS Director’s report

    1. Monitoring reports: EL-5: Financial Condition and Activities; EL-8: Compensation and Benefits
    2. Old Business
      1. Community Engagement:CCS Governing Council, etc.
      2. Review superintendent search
      3. CASB Delegate Assembly/Fall Regional Meeting/Annual Convention
      4. Winter calendar events
      5. CCS Contract Addendum approval
    3. New Business

    a.Board reorganization after cancelled election

    b. Notification of new or revised administrative policies: IJNDAB, JF, JF-E, JF-E-2, JFBB, JICDA, JICDD, JICDE, JICEC, JICED, JICH, JICI, JIH, JIH, JK, JLCA, JLDAC, JLDAC-E, JS, LC

    c. Notification of repealed administrative policies: GBAA-R, IB, IJNDA, JBB-R,JHD, JID (covered by other administrative policies, based on repealed laws, or recommended by legal counsel)

    d. HB 1118 – Community-based process to develop a blueprint for education

    e. Pre-packaged web site

    1. Board Self-Assessment: BSR-5
    2. Executive Session: CRS 24-6-402(4)(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)
    3. Adjourn