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    Programming for Gifted Students at Moffat Schools

    At Moffat Schools a student’s gifted programming is defined by his or her area(s) of strength.  Teachers and the gifted coordinator work together to develop and deliver appropriate programming for each student.  The counselor and/or principal may also be involved in delivering and monitoring programming. Best evidence-based practices in gifted education are used when determining programming and are described in the student’s ALP.  These may include:  differentiation of instruction and assignments to increase depth and complexity, emphasis on higher level thinking skills in the student’s curriculum, curriculum compacting, mentorships, acceleration in a single subject or a whole-grade level, independent study, online coursework, and/or participation in summer programs developed for gifted students.

    ALP progress conferences are held during the year to monitor student progress.  At the end of each year assessment of the effectiveness of the programming is made, and an end-of-year summary is added to the ALP.   The parents, students, and educational personnel review student achievement during the length of the ALP and discuss goal completion.  A new ALP is then created for the next year. 

    For more information about Gifted Education at Moffat District Schools contact our Gifted Education Coordinators: Alex Moore (amoore@moffatschools.org) for Moffat PK-12 School and Melissa Sladin (msladin@crestonecharter.com) for Crestone Charter School.