• BOE_05172010

    Agenda, Superintendent's Report, CCS Director's Report,
    Principal's Report, Minutes


    Moffat Consolidated School District #2
    Board of Education
    Agenda for May 17, 2010
    5:30 P.M.
    Moffat School Cafeteria
    1. Call to order, quorum
    2. Citizens who wish to address the Board – please sign in
    3. Adoption of agenda
    4. Announcements
      1. End of the Year Activities
      2. Note - change in June Board meeting date
      3. Co-Support Staff Persons of the Year
      4. Southern Colorado Educators' Conference - August 9 & 10, 2010
    5. Approval of minutes
      1. April 19, 2010
    6. Reports
      1. Superintendent
      2. Moffat School Principal
      3. CCS Director
      4. Board Members
    7. Required approvals agenda
      1. Approval of Monthly Expenses
      2. Approval of teacher retirements*
      3. Approval of recommended teacher renewals for 2010-11
      4. Approval of resignations - Julie Trujillo, Jeremy Wells*
      5. Approval of Moffat School 2010-2011 calendar
    8.   Board Education: SB 191
    9.   Monitoring Reports
      1. EL-7 Asset Protection
    10. Old Business
      1. Revision of Ends Policies E-1, E-2
      2. IPGA Conference
      3. BEST Grant Update - Ryan Smelker of ARC
    e.Service Plan for proposed Baca Crestone Fire Protection District
      1. New Internet Provider
      2. Budget Discussion
    1. New Business
    a.Resolution to approve passing time as part of the "educational process"
    b.Resolution to approve SOT revenue to be placed in General Fund
    c.Setting of Moffat School lunch prices for 2010-2011
    d.Children's Voices - Lobato v. State of Colorado
    e.Schedule Board Work Session
    f.Implementation of Instructional Staff Reduction in Force process*
    1. Board Self-Evaluation
      1. GP-3 Board Job Description
      2. GP-9 Cost of Governance
    2. Executive Session: 24-6-402 (4)(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)
    3. Adjourn
    Next Meeting: June 28, 2010

    Superintendent's Report
    As the 2009-2010 school year comes to a close, Moffat School and the Crestone Charter School join the other schools throughout the nation in feeling the joy and wonder of STRESS and how that can color one's perception!   So much to do and so little time. Gotta love it. Where was I? Oh, yeah, end of the school year ….. get ready for the field trips, the music concert, the play, the awards ceremonies, the graduations, the year-end reports and applications, whew ….
    Past Month’s Highlights:
    • BEST Grant - CCS closed on the purchase of property from the Town of Crestone! Work on hiring a civil engineer and thinking about the architect have begun. Owner's Rep ARC will address the board at this BOE meeting.
    • Outstanding Teacher of the Year dinner was held in Alamosa on April 21st. We were represented by nominee Julie Trujillo, SpEd teacher for the district, along with several supporters from the district, including board member Hank Day.
    • I attended the board meeting for our self-funded health insurance program, the San Luis Valley Combined Educators Health Plan on April 23rd. We worked on revising and updating the plan document, noting the changes that are coming soon with the new health care reform.
    • Incoming superintendent Kirk Banghart has visited the district on several occasions, meeting with staff, accompanying me to the Superintendents Advisory Council, attending a workshop with Principal Hashbarger and me in order to work on the Federal Consolidated Grant application and school wide Title I plan, and participating in our budget discussions. We are already appreciating his valuable input.
    • Mr. Rodney Reed from the Monte Vista Coop came to Moffat School to personally give us a check for $745.44 from their gas sales program to support valley schools. He then spoke with us about doing more business with the MV Coop.
    • Moffat High School Seniors presented their Senior Project speeches on May 3rd. Several passed on their first attempt, while a few have or will be presenting a second time (or more…).
    • The District Accountability Committee met on May 4th. We reviewed the state's new accreditation framework and discussed how that will coincide with our school improvement plans.
    • A Moffat School teacher was injured at the annual picnic at the Sand Dunes. He was taken to see the Workers Comp doctor in Alamosa and is healing from wind-related burn wounds on his hand and back. He has not had to miss any days at school, and all appropriate steps have been taken.
    • I attended an annual training on the Colorado Vocational Funding application in Alamosa, May 7th.
    • I am working on finding more bandwidth for our internet service and will report to the board on where we are at in this process.
    • We continue to work on the 2010-2011 budget. We shall discuss this in depth at the board meeting. We will present a preliminary budget to the board by the end of May. The final budget needs to be reviewed and approved by the end of June, which usually means at the regular June board meeting.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Eli Dokson