• BOE_03152010

    Agenda, Superintendent's Report, CCS Director's Report,
    Principal's Report, Minutes

    Moffat Consolidated School District No. 2
    Minutes for the regular meeting held on March 15, 2010 in the Moffat Consolidated School Cafeteria.
    1.        Call to Order
    President Godfrey called the meeting to order at 5:38 p.m. with the following in attendance.

    Members Present
                            Others Present
    Hank Day                              Eli Dokson, Superintendent
    Linda Godfrey                         Linda Stagner, Business Manager
    Michelle Olsen                        Karen Hazard, Business Manager
    Staci Shellabarger                   Kathryn Brady, CCS Director
    Michelle Hashbarger, Principal
    Bill Roberts, Helen Martin, Anrahyah Aarstad, Doug Bishop, Eric Frey, Sarah Frey, Linda Eickhoff, Tina Freel, Renae Freel.
    2.      Citizens who wish to address the Board
    Eric Frey stated that he would like to remind the board that the teachers and students in this district are very dedicated. He would like to appeal to the board to involve the teachers and staff in the superintendent search process. President Godfrey stated that members of the staff would be on the interview committees.
    3.      Adoption of Agenda
    Motion by Olsen, second by Shellabarger to accept the agenda as amended. Add to 7C-accept letter of resignation from Denise Hammel, school nurse; 7d-Approval of hiring of Rick Williams and Jeremy Wells as the high school track coaches; 4c-Screening Committee-March 9, 4:00 p.m.
    4.      Announcements
    a.       Moffat Teacher of the Year-Julie Trujillo
    b.      Teacher of the Year Dinner-Wednesday, April 21
    c.       Screening Committee-Friday April 9, 4:00 p.m.
    4.1-11c. Discussion of Teacher of Year Selection Process
    Discussion was held on including CCS in the teacher of the year process. CCS will let the board know next month if they are interested in participating.
    5.      Approval of Minutes
    Motion by Olsen, second by Shellabarger to approve the minutes of the February 22, 2010 meeting as written.   The Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote.
    5.1-8 Board Education: Anrahyah Aarstad, CCS Teacher, Ukulele Project
    Anrahyah Aarstad, CCS 4-5 grade teacher gave a presentation of the ukulele band project that is being done in her classes. She is doing this with funds from a three year art grant. 
    6.      Reports:
    A.    Superintendent
    Superintendent Dokson reported that school accreditation is coming down the line. The school improvement plans will be dictated by the state from now on. 
    Discussion was held concerning the BEST Grant.
    B.     Moffat School Principal
    Principal Hashbarger thanked the teachers for their work and dedication during the symposium classes. 
    President Godfrey asked if Reading First monies could be spent on higher level classes. Ms. Hashbarger stated that Reading First was for grades K-3 only.   
    President Godfrey asked about the outcome of the March 12 teacher meeting. Ms. Hashbarger stated that the 5-12 staff was working on goals that were not yet completed. 
    President Godfrey asked if the teachers in the alternative licensure program had their mentors and were on track. Ms. Hashbarger stated that they had mentors and were doing well. 
    The Everyday Math program was discussed.
    C. CCS Director
    Kathryn Brady discussed the progress of the BEST grant.
    D.    Board Members
    Discussion was held concerning the direction of the Accountability Committee. The rubric will not be reviewed until the new superintendent is hired and the state gives direction.
    7.      Required approvals agenda
    a.       Approval of Monthly Expenditures
    b.      Approval of new DAC members-Richard Drake, Jeff Sorensen
    Motion by Olsen to approve the required approvals. Seconded by Shellabarger. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    8.      Board Education: Anrahyah Aarstad, CCS Teacher, Ukelele Project
    Completed in item 5.1.
    9. Monitoring Reports: 
    None in March
                10. Old Business
    a.      Superintendent Search Process
    Timelines and committees were discussed. CASB will run the background checks. A decision will be made at the April 19 board meeting.                  
    b.      Update on CCS BEST Grant/New Building
    The BEST grant was discussed in 6-c.
    11. New Business
    a.      Approval of Moffat School Calendar Adjustment
    Moffat School elementary is short one day on the calendar. Olsen moved to approve the adjustment to the 2009-2010 school calendar to add April 23, 2010 as a school day for elementary. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    b.      Board Work Session Review
    i.                    Discussion of Superintendent Evaluation and Contract Language
    The superintendent contract was amended in December. President Godfrey read the amendment. The ENDS and the monitoring reports are the superintendent’s evaluation. The board was in consensus to discuss this further. 
    ii.                  Review of Global Ends Policies and Proposed Changes
    Wording of E-2-Application of Global Ends was discussed. The board will take under consideration suggestions and review it next month.
    iii.                Review of BSR and EL Monitoring; Proposed Changes in EL-9 and GP-4 Addendum
    Shellabarger moved to accept the following change to EL-9: Page 2, #9. Fail to supply for the required approvals agenda all items delegated to the Superintendent yet required by law or contract to be board-approved, along with the monitoring assurance pertaining thereto. Seconded by Olsen. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    Olsen moved to accept the change to policy GP-4 (addendum) add to July-Board books burned in and updated. Seconded by Shellabarger. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    c.       Discussion of Teacher of Year Selection Process
    Completed in item 4.1
    12. Board Self-evaluation
    13. Optional: Executive Session: 24-6-402 (4)(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)      personnel
    Olsen moved to go into executive session 24-6-402(4)(f) personnel matter to discuss the progress of Principal Michelle Hashbarger. Seconded by Shellabarger. Motion carried by unanimous roll call vote. 
    The board went into executive session the conference room at 8:05 p.m.
    The board reconvened at 8:57 p.m.
    Superintendent Dokson read a letter submitted by a community member praising Deborah McNevin for her bus driving. President Godfrey congratulated her also.
    14. Adjourn
    President Godfrey adjourned the meeting 8:58  p.m.
    Approved:________________________                              ________________________
    Linda Godfrey, President                                          
    Staci Shellabarger, Secy./Treas.