• BOE_02222010

    Agenda, Superintendent's Report, CCS Director's Report,
    Principal's Report, Minutes

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2
    Board of Education
    Agenda for February 22, 2010
    5:30 P.M.
    Moffat School Cafeteria
    1. Call to order, quorum
    2. Swearing in of new Board member - Hank Day
    3. Citizens who wish to address the Board – please sign in
    4. Adoption of agenda
    5. Announcements
      1. DAC meeting date, March 1, 2010
      2. BOE work session, February 27, 2010, Shumei International Institute
      3. BOE/GC dinner meeting, March 4, 2010
    6. Approval of minutes
      1. January 25, 2010
    7. Reports
      1. Superintendent
      2. Moffat School Principal
      3. CCS Director
      4. Board Members
    8. Required approvals agenda
      1. Approval of Monthly Expenses
      2. Approval of one-year Leave of Absence for teacher (Kathy King-Dickman for possible T.O.S.A. [Teacher On Special Assignment]at Adams State College
    9. Monitoring Reports
      1. EL-9Communication and Support to the Board
    10. Old Business
      1. Director District 3 opening
      2. Superintendent Search process
      3. Update on CCS B.E.S.T. Grant/New Building
      4. Approval of land purchase agreement with the Town of Crestone
    11. New Business
      1. Approval of a Resolution authorizing the issuance by Moffat School District No. 2 of a General Obligation Bond for the purposes approved at the District’s election of November 3, 2009, and authorizing the levy of property taxes to pay such bond; providing the form of the bond and other details in connection therewith; and approving other documents relating to the Bond.
      2. Discussion of additional S.O.T. (Specific Ownership Tax) generated by 2009 bond
      3. Federal Grant Application for Counseling Program – Cindy Cleary
      4. Shared sports programs with Mountain Valley School District
      5. Open Discussion re: District direction, possible cost cutting measures, etc.
      6. Setting date for a Special Board meeting if needed – March 4, 2010
      7. Custodial agreement between District and UMB Bank
    1. Board Self-Evaluation
      1. BSR-3 Accountability of the Superintendent
      2. BSR-4 Delegation to the Superintendent
    2. Optional: Executive Session: 24-6-402 (4)(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(g)(h)
    3. Adjourn
    4. Next Meeting: March, 15, 2010
    Superintendent’s Report – February 22, 2010
    I started my Interim Superintendent position on February 1st, and it has been a very busy time since day one. After spending the entire first day rearranging my office, I have been playing a lot of catch-up. I quite frankly have not had time to figure out exactly where we are with grants and finances in general, because there have been so many things requiring my immediate attention and time. Spending time on the B.E.S.T. Grant and the new building for CCS has been time consuming, to say the least. Below are some of the things I have been up to in.
    • I have communicated with our attorney many times regarding the charter school building. We are dealing with things such as the purchase agreement with the Town of Crestone, the complicated funding mechanism for the grant (including several conference calls with CDE, CCS, ARC [the Owner’s Rep for the project], the state Attorney General’s Office, CDE’s bond counsel) as well as other related issues. I have also been in communication with CCS Director Kathryn Brady and Marie-Louise Baker (Project Director) about the building project. The district has gotten very involved, with Business Manager Linda Stagner also meeting with Marie-Louise and participating in several conference calls.
    • Kathryn Brady and I attended the Crestone Town Council meeting for the hearing regarding Robert Philleo’s property being annexed to the Town of Crestone. The district will be purchasing part of this property with the B.E.S.T. funds.
    • I attended the SLV Superintendents Advisory Council meeting and jumped head-first into the many educational activities taking place. 
    • As a superintendent, I serve on the board of the SLV Combined Educators Health Plan. We met after the SAC meeting to discuss ongoing legal and financial issues related to the plan.
    • I met with the Moffat School Principal Michelle Hashbarger, teacher Helen Martin and counselor Amanda Hawkins to discuss the Senior Project graduation requirement and how we can assist students who have fallen behind for a number of reasons.
    • I met with Dr. Elden Daniel of the SLV BOCES and Principal Hashbarger to discuss our school-wide Title I program.
    • I completed and filed our annual e-Rate Form 471 so that we can receive discounted phone and internet services.
    • I met with Linda Eickhoff to discuss new early entrance procedures for children identified as Gifted.
    • We were visited by the state Fire Inspector. The list of violations was relatively short and minor. We have 60 days to correct any problems, and Operations- Maintenance Supervisor Carlos Silva has already started working on this.
    • The Moffat principal, counselor and I met with Cindy Cleary, an experienced grant writer and a local parent whose children attend both CCS and Moffat School, to discuss the writing of a federal grant for a district-wide integrated counseling program that would involve both Moffat School and CCS.
    • Representatives from Moffat and Mountain Valley Schools, including both superintendents, both principals, both athletic directors, Moffat business managers and a coach, met to discuss the two schools combining sports programs. This is a topic we have talked about for a number of years, and now we have actually sat down and come to an understanding of what could be done and how. We covered many issues, and though many details remain to be worked out, we believe we have an excellent starting point to combine our sports teams for the betterment of the students of both schools.
    • Other activities happening include 3rd grade CSAP testing in Reading, Moffat Parent/Teacher conferences, high school girls basketball (Moffat boys play at Mountain Valley), wrestling (two Moffat boys, Brandon Mangum and Ryan Mangum, who wrestle at Mountain Valley, qualified for the state tournament by coming in 2nd and 1st respectively at regionals), History Day, FBLA and more…..
    Respectfully submitted,  
    Eli Dokson

    Moffat School Principal’s Report
    (Michelle Hashbarger)
    February 18, 2010
    • The Book Fair that was held during the Spring Parent Teacher Conference night made a total of $1051.58 – approximately $400.00 went to purchase more books for the Moffat Library.
    • Mrs. Abeyta and Mr. Wells arranged a Geology Museum trip to Alamosa for a couple of their high school Science Classes – they went to the museum on February 2nd
    • Reading First News: A Data Webinar was held on February 3rd, The Regional Consulatant – Jane Burk – was in the building discussing our DIBELS data on February 4th and Lockhart and Hashbarger attended the LETRS Training in Pueblo on February 10th and 11th
    • The 3rd grade Reading CSAP was administered on February 17th and 18th.
    • The Ski Club took an overnight ski trip to Durango – February 11th,12th and 13th
    • The Knowledge Bowl team had a competition in Alamosa on February 17th
    • The Moffat Administration/Athletic team and the Mountain Valley Administration/Athletic team met to discuss and refine the plan for the consolidation of sports programs for the 2010-2011 school year. The plans will be discussed with each Board of Education so that we can get this underway at the beginning of this next school year. 
    • The Saguache County Prevention Partners met in the Library to discuss the needed information for an upcoming grant application.  
    Counselor Notes: 
    • Amanda Hawkins has been working with the 5th graders on not “labeling” other students in the classrooms – it is in the “Why Try” curriculum. Karla Stockley from BOCES is continuing her work with the students as well.  
    • An Alive at 25 course was offered at Moffat School – 11 students took part in the course and paid the $35.00 fee to Colorado State Patrol. 
    • Amanda took 5 students to TSJC Red Carpet Days and they will all receive a $500.00 scholarship if they attend TSJC. 
    • FBLA students participated in the District 8 competition and attended the workshops and competitive events.   
    • Summer job opportunities were presented to the students in grades 9th – 11th through the Sand Dunes summer work program.
    • DAR Good Citizens Tea – Brandi Bornman received the award for Moffat School.
    • Lincoln College came to talk to 11th and 12th grade students about budgeting for after high school and programs that they offer.  
    Up-Coming Events:
    • District Basketball – the playoff game will be played on Tuesday February 23rd – the girls team will most likely be playing at Moffat. Other District games will be played in Alamosa on February 26th and 27th
    • Ryan and Tex Mangum have made it to the State Wrestling Meet in Denver – February 18th, 19th and 20th. They are wrestling with the Mountain Valley team – we held a mini-rally for them prior to their departure for the State Tournament – we watched a video of each wrestler and wished them the best at State.
    • Friday February 19th – 5th – 12th grade ski day at Monarch.
    • Will Shellabarger – PE teacher will be attending a PE standards workshop on Tuesday February 23rd
    • Becky Smith (CDE) and Wendy Dunaway (CDE) will be at the school on Tuesday February 23rd at 1:30 to check on progress with the Compass Learning Math Intervention pilot program. 
    • Continuing to work with the secondary teachers on goals and changes necessary for the middle school and high school to function as a highly engaging structure. We are discussing future plans for the secondary school.
    • Still ironing out some of the lingering discipline issues that were out of control during my absence. Most of it is back on track.
    • Working with Ms. Martin and Mrs. Hawkins on Senior Project issues.
    • Continuing the work of getting the absences under control within the secondary school
    • Mr. Dokson, Mrs. Hawkins and I had a meeting with Cindy Cleary to discuss a Counseling grant opportunity in conjunction with the Charter School.   I will be getting teacher feedback and parent feedback to help support the grant process.
    • Still in my thoughts – the trainer to work with both schools to support the Everyday Math program and my offer still stands to help support CCS with any DIBELS system and/or data entry needs at CCS.
    • The work we are doing with the Mountain Valley Administration/Athletic team to combine the sports programs for the 2010-2011 school year.