• Assessment0708

    Assessment Data & Results
    District: 2800 - Moffat 2
    Colorado's state assessment system includes three different types of assessments to measure student achievement. The main assessment used in the state is the CSAP, which assesses students in reading, writing and math state standards in grades 3 through 10. The CSAP science assessment is also given in 5th, 8th and 10th grade. The second assessment available is for students in third and fourth grade who are receiving instruction in Spanish. The Lectura is the Spanish reading version of the CSAP and the Escritura is the Spanish writing version of the CSAP. These assessments are scored with the following ratings: Unsatisfactory (student is not able to demonstrate the content standards), Partially Proficient (student is beginning to demonstrate knowledge on the standards), Proficient (student is capable of the meeting the standards), Advanced (student is above and beyond the standards), and No Score (the student was unable to complete the test, for a variety of reasons). The third assessment, the CSAPA (CSAP Alternate) is also available for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities to assess their reading, writing, math and science content knowledge. Only about 1% of students in Colorado take the CSAPA.
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