• W3-6_0607

    Moffat School Improvement Plan 2006-2007
    Moffat Elementary School
    Goal #1: Increase students’ writing 3rd, 4th, 5th
    Current Status
    Action Steps
    How Accomplishment will be Measured
    Responsible People
    Lack of precise tool to measure students’ skills in literacy
    Develop a Writing Skills Checklist to monitor student’s skills
    Compile a skills checklist from other districts
    Develop a Writing skills checklist
    Implement Spellography program in 4th and 5th grades
    Check into CDE Writing Rubric component
    1. A completed Literacy Profile
    2. A Literacy Profile completed by teachers and passed from grade to grade
    K-5 teachers, Title 1 teacher, SPED teacher, Principal
    71% of students below grade level in writing in
    Increase student’s writing on CSAP by 10%
    Identify strengths and weaknesses of students in Writing components from CSAP
    Identify individual students below proficiency
    Implement Staff Development
    Assess students
    Compile information
    1. increase in students Literacy by ___%
    K-5 teachers, Principal, SPED teacher, and Title 1 teacher