• POL_GP-4

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy
                                                            Policy Number: GP-4
                                                            Policy Title:  AGENDA PLANNING
    To accomplish its job products with a governance style consistent with board policies, the board will follow an annual agenda which (a) completes a re-exploration of Ends policies annually and (b) continually improves board performance through board education and enriched input and deliberation.
    1.The cycle will conclude each year on the last day of December so that administrative planning and budgeting can be based on accomplishing a one year segment of the board’s most recent statement of long term Ends.
    2.The cycle will start with the board’s development of its agenda for the next year.
    a.Consultations with selected groups in the ownership, or other methods of gaining ownership input will be determined and arranged in the first quarter, to be held during the balance of the year.
    b.Governance education, and education related to Ends determination, (e.g. presentations by futurists, demographers, advocacy groups, staff, etc.) will be arranged in the first quarter, to be held during the balance of the year.
    3.Throughout the year, the board will attend to consent agenda items as expeditiously as possible.
    4.Superintendent monitoring will be included on the agenda if monitoring reports show policy violations, or if policy criteria are to be debated.
    5.Superintendent remuneration will be decided in the month of June after a review of monitoring reports received in the last year.

    The purpose of monitoring the Board’s Governance Process (GP) and Board Staff Relations (BSR) policies is to determine the degree to which the policies are being fulfilled. Monitoring will be as automatic as possible, using a minimum of Board time so that meetings can be used to create the future rather than to review the past. The Board can monitor these policies as part of it self-assessment at the end of each meeting and can review the policies overall at its annual Board retreat.
    Board Staff Relationship Policies                                     Frequency
    BSR-1 Global Governance Management Connection             January
    BSR-2 Unity of Control                                                  January
    BSR-3 Accountability of the Superintendent                    February
    BSR-4 Delegation to the Superintendent             February, August
    BSR-5 Monitoring Superintendent Performance     November, March
    Governance Process Policies
    GP-1 Global Governance Commitment               September & March
    GP-2 Governance Style                                   March, September
    GP-3 Board Job Description                                 May, September      
    GP-4 Agenda Planning                                                December
    GP-5 Chairperson’s Role                                                     April
    GP-6 Board Member’s Code of Conduct                                 April
    GP-7 Board Committee Principles                             June, October
    GP-8 Board Committee Structure                            June, October
    GP-9 Cost of Governance                                                  May
    Monitoring Method: Internal
    Monitoring Frequency: Annual Board Retreat
    Adopted: September 17, 2001
    Revised: November 2001, May 2003, Nov. 2003