• POL_GP-3Add

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy
                                                               Policy Number: GP- 3 (addendum)
                                                               Policy Title:   BOARD JOB DESCRIPTION
    Handling operational issues raised by a community member:
    1. Listen without implying that you agree or disagree.
    2. Ask whether the caller has talked to the person closest to the problem. Describe the chain of command concept—that issues are best resolved at a level closest to the people involved.
    3. Take the opportunity to explain the board’s role.
      • The board’s job is to set the vision and policies that will enable district students to be academically successful.
      • While resolution of operational issues is not the board’s job, the board is concerned and wants to see the issue resolved successfully.
    1. Tell the caller that if he or she doesn’t get satisfaction to call back ( or direct the caller to let you know what happens regardless).
    2. If the call raises a high level of concern, call the superintendent.
    3. The superintendent will tell the board member that he/she knows about the situation and if necessary, will investigate to get more information.
    4. After gathering information, the superintendent will inform the board member about what was learned or what action was taken.
    Monitoring Method: Internal
    Monitoring Frequency: March, September
    Adopted: October 14, 2003