• POL_GP-11

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy
    Policy Type: Governance Process
                                                                  Policy Number: GP-11
                                                                  Policy Title: Process for Addressing
     Board Member Violations
    The Board and its members are committed to faithful compliance with the provisions of the Board’s policies. In the event of a member’s violation of policy, the Board will seek remedy by the following process:
    a.first, supportive conversation in a private setting between the Board member and the Board president and/or other individual member
    b.second, if the violation continues, discussion in a work session between the Board member and the full Board regarding the policy issues involved
    c.third, if the violation continues and only as a last resort, public censure of the Board member
    Monitoring Method: Internal
    Monitoring Frequency: 
    Adopted: April 11, 2002