• POL_EL-2

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy
                                                                          Policy Type: Executive Limitation
                                                            Policy Number: EL-2
                                                            Policy Title: Treatment of Students,
                                                                                             Families and Community
    With respect to interactions with students, those applying to be students, their families and community members, the Superintendent shall not cause or allow conditions, practices, procedures, activities or decisions which are unsafe, undignified, uncaring or unnecessarily intrusive or restrictive.
    Further, without limiting the scope of the foregoing by this enumeration, the Superintendent shall not:
              1. Fail to provide reasonable, timely information to students and their families of what may be    expected and what may not be expected from all services offered by the District, including academic courses and programs (including specific course syllabi), sports and extracurricular programs, transportation and parking services, health and nutritional products and services, and special programs.
              2. Use any method of discipline for student behavior or dress that is unclear, untimely inconsistently applied or demeaning.
              3. Allow assessments at the district or school levels or grading standard within an individual course or class that: (a) is inconsistently applied to students of similar demonstrated ability level; (b) has not provided for sufficient prior notice of weighting or importance, or preparation time; (c) is not based solely upon demonstrated student progress and achievement of reasonable and clear standards: (d) for group projects, does not separate group performance criteria from individual criteria; (e) is not provided timely to students and their parents/guardians; and (f) does not motivate students to persist in assignments.
              4. Fail to operate facilities with appropriate accessibility to students, their families and community members.
              5. Operate without written rules which: (a) reasonably specify district expectations, standards and procedures, (b) provide for effective resolution of complaints, concerns and grievances, and (c) protect against wrongful conditions and disparate treatment for inappropriate reasons.
              6. Retaliate or allow retaliation against any student or family member for non-disruptive expression of dissent or concern.
              7. Prevent students, families or community members from being heard by the Board when internal hearing procedures have been exhausted and the person alleges that Board policy has been violated to his or her detriment.
    Monitoring Method: Internal
    Monitoring Frequency: June
    Adopted: September 17, 2001
    Revised: November 2001