• POL_EL-11

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy
    Policy Type: Executive Limitation
                                                             Policy Number: EL-11
                                                             Policy Title: Development of
                                                                                    Administrative Policies
    The Superintendent shall not operate without written policies that are consistent with law and Board policy and that ensure reasonable progress toward achieving the Board’s Ends.
    Accordingly the superintendent shall not fail to develop administrative policies that:
    1.Are designed to achieve the Board’s Ends
    2.Are consistent with constraints set forth in the Board’s Executive Limitations policies
    3.Are consistent with federal and state law
    4.Contain all legally required and recommended policies
    The Superintendent shall not fail to communicate to the Board:
    1.Circumstances which indicate the need to draft new administrative policy or revise existing administrative policy
    2.Suggestions from CASB or other recognized education policy experts regarding new policy language or revisions to existing policy
    3.Administrative policies that are inconsistent with current law or Board policy
    The Superintendent shall not fail to consult, when appropriate and at his or her discretion, with staff, students, parents and other community members in development of administrative policy.
    The Superintendent shall not fail to provide copies of all newly promulgated or revised administrative policies to the Board. Communication to the Board is for informational purposes only.
    Monitoring Method: Internal/Direct Inspection
    Monitoring Frequency: Annual: 
    Adopted: March 25, 2002
    Revised: May 2003