• POL_EL-10

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy
                                                                     Policy Type: Executive Limitation
                                                           Policy Number: EL-10
                                               Policy Title: Monitoring Report Schedule
     for Executive Limitations
    Executive limitations policies are the policies used by the Board to determine the Superintendent’s job performance. The Board may determine to also include End’s policies in job performance review. It is up to the Board to determine what data it needs to see in the EL monitoring report so as to determine if the Board objective’s are being met.
    It is up to the Superintendent to:
    1.Give his/her interpretation of each policy before giving data. Clarity comes first from stating his interpretation, then providing the data requested by the Board.
    2.Provide the Board with data; not testimonials.
    3.Provide quality data, not a quantity of data.
    Policy                                                  Method                             Frequency
    EL 1: Global Executive Restraint              Direct Inspection       Winter Board Retreat
    EL 2: Treatment of Students,                  Internal                   Annual:  June
                         Families & Community
    EL 3: Treatment of Staff                         Internal                   Annual: December
    EL 4: Financial Planning/Budgeting Internal                            Annual October
    EL 5: Financial Conditions & Activities        Internal         Quarterly: August,                                                                       November, January, April,         
                                                              External               Annual: January
    EL 6: Emergency Superintendent  
                         Succession                      Internal                   Annual: October
    EL 7: Asset Protection                            Internal                   Annual: May
    EL 8: Compensation & Benefits                 Internal                   Annual: April
                                                              External                  Bi-annual: April
                                                        (alternate years: Teachers/Support Staff)
    EL 9: Communication and Support
                       To the Board                     Direct Inspection       Annual: February 
    EL-11: Development of Administrative
               Policies                            Internal                   Annual: December
    Monitoring Method: Direct Inspection
    Monitoring Frequency: Annual: March
    Adopted: September 17, 2001
    Revised: November 2001, May 2003, January 2008