• POL_E-3

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy                                                
    Policy Type: Ends
    Policy Number: E-3
    Policy Title: Governance Model
    As a governing body committed to Policy Governance â, the Moffat Consolidated #2 Board of Education makes consistent effort to educate itself and to demonstrate skill in the implementation of this governance model. In that regard, the Board of Education will be diligent and accountable to follow the policies it creates, and thereby provide knowledgeable leadership to residents of the school district within the budget parameters set each year.
    Elements of the model that the Board of Education will cultivate and demonstrate to district members include, but are not limited to:
    1. The Board will develop new policies and modify current policies as needed.
    1. Community engagement functions sponsored by the board and/or board attendance at public meetings of local organizations in order to be informed of issues and activities going on within the school district.
    1. The board will keep itself informed of current on regional, state and federal issues that pertain to K-12 public education. The board will determine if the governing body should take action on specific issues if they promote the welfare or public education and specifically student achievement. The board will keep the leadership of the Crestone Charter School informed of regional, state and federal issues as well.
    1. The board is committed to working closely with the Superintendent within the parameters defined by Policy Governance. As long as the Moffat Consolidated Board of Education is practicing Policy Governance, it will require that its’ Superintendent be fully informed and practice the same model.
    1. Working within the parameters of Policy Governance, the board will maintain open communication about and with all educational alternatives currently and   potentially available to the students of the school district.
    1. Only with public discussion and deliberation will the Board of Education terminate the use of Policy Governance. A resolution for such termination would be required. In the event of such a resolution the Board of Education will notify The Crestone Charter School Governing Council.
    Monitoring Method:    Internal                    
    Monitoring Frequency: Annual Board Retreat
    Adopted: September 19, 2005

    Policy Number:         E-3