• POL_E-2

    Moffat Consolidated School District #2 
    Board Policy                                                
    Policy Type: Ends
    Policy Number: E-2
    Policy Title: Academic Skills/Ideas     and Values
    1. Academic Skills (Systems and Symbols)
    By graduation, all students will demonstrate basic academic skills as outlined below:
    All students will achieve mastery in reading comprehension so that they can read classical literature, periodicals, fiction, technical writing, reference materials and can understand forms. Students will demonstrate they can analyze diverse written material to form opinions and reach conclusions.
    All students will develop a sound foundation in writing that includes legible writing, correct spelling and grammar with an appropriate and broad vocabulary. Specifically, the student will demonstrate competence in expository writing with the ability to target specific audiences such as resume, job and college applications. The student will be able to write research papers, news articles, technical discourse and essays. The student will also demonstrate the use of writing in personal and business correspondence, journal writing and creative writing.
    All students will develop the ability to use mathematics in daily life and work. This includes the ability to make a budget, understand consumer mathematics, keep a checkbook and use basic business math. All students need to demonstrate competence in basic mathematical operations with and without the use of calculators.
    Listening and speaking:
    All students will demonstrate the ability to articulate their ideas confidently and to make an oral presentation to a group. Students will demonstrate good listening skills. Students will be able to discern persuasion from manipulation in an oral presentation. The students will demonstrate the ability to speak Standard English.
    Social Sciences:
    Students will have a grasp of history as the interrelation between geography, economics, the environment, culture and human behavior. Students will comprehend the many facets of law, government and civic responsibility. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of history to present day events, including societal issues such as gender and ethnic diversity, and situations that affect the students’ lives. The student will be able to relate local and global historical relationships and apply them to current problems and decision-making. Students will demonstrate knowledge of maps and geographical reference materials.
    Creative and performing arts:
    Students will develop self-expression as demonstrated within a broad range of creative and performing arts. The student will understand the role of creative expression as a means of understanding self, personal growth and healing.
    Students will understand the effects of science on life, civilization and the earth and the environmental impact of man’s modifications of the world. Students will demonstrate the scientific method as used for problem solving. Students will have the information necessary to develop healthy living habits including knowledge of body functions, effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs and nutrition. Students will gain a clear understanding of human sexuality and sexually transmitted disease. Because of living in a remote area, all students will learn emergency first aid and CPR.   All students will demonstrate a foundation in basic physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.
    Health, physical education and recreations:
    Students will receive education in human sexuality that includes birth control, safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and personal responsibility. Students will know about diet, personal hygiene, effects of the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs on body systems so that they are prepared for a lifetime of fitness and healthy living.
    Career Education:
    Students will be provided assistance in becoming aware of career fields that relate to their own strengths and talents. Working with families, the school will endeavor to assist students to develop self-confidence and a good work ethic.
    Technology Skills:
    It is essential for students to become comfortable with the use of computers and other technology and be able to use them to solve problems, communicate and to use them within the world of work. Students must also know how to work effectively when technology is not available.
    2. IDEAS and Values
    Understanding that ideas and values are the responsibility of the family and the whole community, students of the Moffat School District will exhibit ideas and values that reflect our community and will include:
    1. Students will value and demonstrate honestly and integrity.
    2. Students will value others by demonstrating compassion, caring and loving, consideration of all mankind, respect and courtesy.
    3. Students will value themselves by demonstrating confidence, self-esteem, direction, responsibility and a positive outlook on life.
    4. Students will value the world by demonstrating respect for the planet and everything on it, stewardship of the planet and respect for the property of others.
    1. Students will demonstrate a positive attitude about themselves and their future.
    2. Students will be able and willing to contribute to their community and to the world.
    3. Students will be respectful of people and tolerant of human diversity.
    4. Students will be open to new ideas and the desire to continue to grow and learn.
    5. Students will be self-reliant and exhibit personal responsibility.
    1. Student will develop the ability to communicate clearly, be a good listener and able to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
    2. Students will develop the ability to be a resourceful problem solver.
    3. Students will develop the ability to seek information, assistance and guidance.
    4. Students will develop the ability to be a cooperative team player willing to be helpful to others.
    Monitoring Method:    Internal            
    Monitoring Frequency: Annual Board Retreat
    Adopted: January 21, 2002
    Policy Number:         E-2