• MIP0708-MSScience

    Moffat School Improvement 2007-2008
    School: Moffat Middle School        Date Created: 8/20/07        

    Targeted Group:    Grades 4-8 Science

    Area for
    Action Plan
    Action to Be Taken
    (be specific enough so that it is possible to determine when the action has been implemented)
    Persons Responsible
    Materials and Instructional Practices
    Introduction of Project Sheets to begin implementation of ILP’s for each student. This allows for more 1:1 time with each student
    Mr. Scott will continue with his 4th grade Science Curriculum and will meet with Mr. Dawson to link 4th grade science with 5th – 8th expectations
    Mr. Dawson will also meet with Ms, Kershner so that we have curriculum balance between the middle school and high school as well
    Mr. Dawson Mr. Scott, Ms. Kershner
    Mastery and Grouping Practices
    Time is provided for corrections to ensure mastery of content topic
    Specific Science concept is introduced and correlated to Standards
    Mr. Dawson
    Assessment Practices
    Assessment is based on written responses to current Standards being covered. 
    Writing conventions are evaluated to improve communication skills
    Mr. Dawson
    Data Utilization Practices
    CSAP scores will be used to identify Standards not being addressed
    CSAP Science Scores
    5th (9 students)
    1u, 6pp, 2p, 0a
    3 new (   ) 0 transferred
    8th (17 students)
    3u, 5pp, 9p, 0a
    3 new ( ) 4 transferred (1u, 2pp, 1p, 0a)
    DAC, Principal 4th grade Science teacher and MS Science Teacher
    Professional Development
    Development of Project sheets and planning. Finding cross-curricular connections and evaluating assessment frameworks to find curriculum overlap
    Mr. Dawson