• MIP0708-HSScience

        Moffat School Improvement 2007-2008

          School: Moffat High School      Date Created: 8/20/07        

          Targeted Group:    Grades 9-12 Science

    Area for
    Action Plan
    Action to Be Taken
    (be specific enough so that it is possible to determine when the action has been implemented)
    Persons Responsible
    Materials and Instructional Practices
    Integrate additional activities requiring use of measurement and data collection in order to improve student performance on various assessments
    Will communicate with the middle school Science teacher to make sure that our curriculum in spiraling in a way so that all standards are being covered
    MS Science Teacher
    Mastery and Grouping Practices
    Activities on-going throughout the school year
    Students will work in heterogeneous groups to develop mastery in this area
    Assessment Practices
    Assessment will be formal and informal – ongoing throughout the year
    Data Utilization Practices
    Will take an in-depth look at CSAP scores – these results are used to identify standards which need to be addressed further
    CSAP Science Scores
    8th (17 students) – this years freshman class
    3u, 5pp, 9p, 0a
    3 new ( ) 4 transferred (1u, 2pp, 1p)
    10th (8 students) – this years junior class
    2u, 2pp, 3p, 0a, 1 no score
    1 new (out of state) 0 transferred
    Kershner, Principal, DAC
    Professional Development
    Adapt current activities and integrate new ones based on measurements and data collection/interpretation
    Schoolwide Organization and Support
    School Leadership: Principal
    Reading First Coach

    Moffat School Improvement 2007-2008
    School: Moffat High School       Date Created: 8/20/07        

    Targeted Group:    Grades 9-12 Science