• MIP0607-PreK


    Moffat School Improvement Plan 2006-2007
    Moffat Preschool
    Current Status
    Action Steps
    How Accomplishment will be Measured
    Responsible People
    Mandatory Creative Curriculum Assessment is now in place in preschool
    Preschool teacher is a part of the Reading First Team
    Entering into an agreement with Valley Kids Care to implement the QualiStar Early Learning rating process
    Implement Creative Curriculum Assessment
    Implement Reading First lessons that reinforce skills and concepts needed upon entrance into kindergarten
    Introduce early writing skills
    QualiStar Earling Learning rating process will help to improve the quality of our program
    Identify strengths and weaknesses of students for Creative Curriculum and Reading First language activities
    Continue to attend Reading First BLT meetings
    Continue to talk with kindergarten teacher about expectations for students entering kindergarten and develop plans on how to meet goals
    Offer plenty of opportunities for students to write at school (write cards, letters and shopping lists)
    Model good writing skills (writing for enjoyment)
    Model how to how writing utensils appropriately, dictate stories
    Qualified program raters will observe all areas of our preschool program and make recommendations for improvements
    Keep a journal of student writing samples
    Use of Creative Curriculum Developmental continuum
    Use Creative Curriculum progress checkpoints and work on areas that students need improvement in
    Ongoing Professional Development opportunities with Reading First, Creative Curriculum and QualiStar
    Yearly rating score - with 4 Stars being the highest
    Equipment purchased to make improvements to program
    Preschool Teacher, Preschool Aide, Principal,
    Kindergarten Teacher, Literacy Coach and Reading First Team
    Mary Jo DePriest and the Valley Kids Care Team
    Qualified program raters