• MIP0607-MSTech

    Moffat School Improvement Plan 2006-2007
    Goal # 2:    Provide enrichment and challenge opportunities to enhance technology skills
    Current Status
    Action Steps
    How Accomplishment will be Measured
    Responsible People
    Less than 50% of middle school students are proficient in the use of Powerpoint.
    Fewer than 30% of middle school students can take digital photos, transfer image to computer, edit and print a final product
    Fewer than 50% of the students can produce an activity using the ELMO projector.
    The majority of fifth grade students have only rudimentary skills on the computer
    Students will learn how to create a 3 minute Powerpoint presentation.
    Students will operate a digital camera, transfer photos to a computer, edit and produce a final photograph.
     Students will create a class activity using the ELMO projector.
    Eighty percent of 5th grade students will pass at least one quarter of keyboarding and will learn how to create a powerpoint presentation for history. 
    Teach basic Powerpoint skills including graphics, text, background and sound.
    Train students to use digital camera and provide basic photography and Photoshop guides.
    Students will learn basic applications used in ELMO lessons and create an activity for the class.
    History research project using Powerpoint and the internet
     80% will successfully complete 3 minute Powerpoint following  specific project guidelines.
    80% will successfully create a photo art project following specific project guidelines.
    80% of middle school students will produce an activity for use in the classroom following specific guidelines.
    Grades of 70% or better in keyboarding and on the history assignment
    -Middle School       teachers
    - Parents
    -Technology staff
    -Rmote mentors