• MIP0607-HSWriting

    Moffat School Improvement Plan 2006-2007
    Moffat High School
    Goal # 1: Increase student achievement in writing
    Current Status
    Action Steps
    How Accomplishment will be Measured
    Responsible People
    Increase students who are proficient by 10%
    Students will use all courses as opportunities to communicate in writing
    Develop and implement a program to improve spelling skills
    59% of students are not proficient in writing on the CSAP
    Coursework between subjects is not integrated
    CSAP radar graphs are showing meeting standards is weakest in spelling
    Implement curriculum developed last year in language arts using standards and benchmarks
    1.All teachers will place an emphasis on writing clearly to communicate information
    2.Begin to use a writing rubric based on the six-trait writing model. (See attached.)
    3.Verify reliability and usability of writing rubric (teachers and students)
    1.Review what is currently being used to teach spelling
    2.Determine students specific weaknesses in spelling
    3.Integrate spelling teaching with the middle school
    CSAP scores
    NWEA screening tool for   incoming students
    1.Teacher reporting of times and types of integrations used throughout the school year
    2.CSAP scores in writing
    3.Review of senior      projects for writing skills
    4.Samples of student work
    1.Changes in CSAP radar graphs to increased proficiency in spelling
    2.Records of discussions with middle school teachers
    3.Records of student spelling skills
    Principal, Counselor, English teachers. _____________
    All high school faculty,  
    Middle School English Teacher.
    6-12 English teachers, principal