• MIP0607-HSClimate

    Moffat School Improvement Plan 2006-2007
    Moffat High School
    Goal # 2: Create a positive school environment
    Current Status
    Action Steps
    How Accomplishment will be Measured
    Responsible People
    between students – bullying, teasing, 
    marking up poster, vandalism, reports of
    sexual harassment.
    163 (2003 – 2004) discipline referrals as
    noted by principal, teachers and students
     76 (2004-2005) discipline referrals to principal, 26 were for tardies
    58 (2005-2006) discipline referrals to principal, 36 of which were for tardies
    4 (first quarter, 2006-2007)
    enhance positive relationships between students
    Continue to reduce student office referrals by 50%
    1. Take entire high school on a one day interdisciplinary field trip and/or take students on field trips based on interest areas
    2. Use counselor and peer mediation to work with students to resolve issues promptly
    1. Continue to implement behavior management program – focusing on positive reinforcement and defined procedures for good behavior
    2. Reinforce tardy aspect of discipline plan
    (Tardies will no longer be documented as “pink slips.”
    Students will serve one hour of detention during the school day for every 3 tardies. After the first 2 detention hours, students will serve 1 hour of after school detention for every 3 tardies.
    3. Accountability Book
    Student feedback after trips
    Record number of students attending field trips.
    Record number of visits to counselor and number of repeat visits for identical issue
    Number of referrals to office
    Count of each teacher’s behavior log
    Observation of students having passes in hallway
    Principal and all staff
    Counselor, principal,
    School Nurse
    Specialists from outside the school
    Peer Mediators
    Students, Parents
    Counselor, All faculty, Guest speakers
    Classroom teachers, Front office (Virginia) tracks
    Front office (Virginia)