Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Physical Education
    Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports.
    Kindergarten students will:
    ● travel, in different ways, in a large group without bumping into others or falling.
    ● travel, in forward and sideways directions, and change direction quickly in response
    to a signal.
    ● demonstrate clear contrasts between slow and fast speeds while traveling.
    ● distinguish between straight, curved, and zigzag pathways while traveling in various
    ● make both large and small body shapes while traveling.
    ● travel, demonstrating a variety of relationships with objects (e.g., over, under, behind,
    alongside, through)
    ● place a variety of body parts into high, middle, and low levels.
    ● without falling, walk forward and sideways on the length of a bench.
    ● roll sideways (right or left) without hesitating or stopping.
    ● toss a ball and catch it before it bounces twice.
    ● demonstrate the difference between an overhand and underhand throw.
    ● kick a stationary ball, using a smooth, continuous running approach prior to the kick.
    ● continuously jump a swinging rope held by others.
    ● form round, narrow, wide, and twisted body shapes alone and with a partner.
    ● walk and run using a mature motor pattern.
    Standard 2: Students demonstrate competency in physical fitness.
    Kindergarten students will:
    ● sustain moderate physical activity.
    The following Physical Education expectations exceed the Colorado Model Content
    Standards. As a result of participating in a quality Physical Education, it would be
    reasonable to expect that the student would be able to perform the following.
    Kindergarten students will:
    ● participate daily in vigorous physical activity.
    ● identify feelings that result from participation in physical activities.
    ● enjoy participation alone and with others.
    ● look forward to physical education classes.