Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Physical Education
    8th Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports.
    Eighth grade students will:
    ● perform a variety of simple folk and square dances.
    ● explain and demonstrate some game strategies involved in playing tennis doubles.
    Standard 2: Students demonstrate competency in physical fitness.
    Eighth grade students will:
    ● correctly demonstrate various weight training techniques.
    ● plan a circuit weight training program designed to meet physical fitness goals.
    ● participate in fitness-enhancing physical activities outside of school (e.g., gymnastic
    clubs, community sponsored youth sports).
    Standard 3: Students demonstrate the knowledge of factors important to participation in physical activity.
    Eighth grade students will:
    ● having observed a team of elite volleyball players, describe the characteristics that
    enable success in serving, passing, and spiking.
    ● maintain a record of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
    The following Physical Education expectations exceed the Colorado Model Content
    Standards. As a result of participating in a quality Physical Education, it would be
    reasonable to expect that the student would be able to perform the following.
    Eighth grade students will:
    ● consider the consequences when confronted with a behavior choice.
    ● handle conflicts that arise with others without confrontation.
    ● find positive ways to exert independence.
    ● temper the desire to “belong” to a peer group with a growing awareness of
    independent thought.
    ● accept a controversial decision of an official.
    ● demonstrate an understanding of the ways sport and dance influence American
    ● display sensitivity to the feelings of others during interpersonal interactions.
    ● enjoy the aesthetic and creative aspects of performance.
    ● become more skilled (e.g., learning strategy, additional skills) in a favorite activity.