Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Physical Education
    7th Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports.
    Seventh grade students will:
    ● use basic offensive and defensive strategies in a modified version of a team sport and
    an individual sport.
    ● display the basic skills and safety procedures to participate in an outdoor pursuit.
    Standard 2: Students demonstrate competency in physical fitness.
    Seventh grade students will:
    ● participate in an individualized physical activity program designed with the help of
    the teacher.
    ● maintain a record of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
    ● engage in physical activity at the target heart rate for a minimum of 20 minutes.
    Standard 3: Students demonstrate the knowledge of factors important to participation in physical activity.
    Seventh grade students will:
    ● describe the principles of training and conditioning for specific physical activities.
    ● list long-term physiological, psychological, and cultural benefits that may result from
    regular participation in physical activity.
    ● plans a circuit weight training program designed to meet physical fitness goals.
    The following Physical Education expectations exceed the Colorado Model Content
    Standards. As a result of participating in a quality Physical Education, it would be
    reasonable to expect that the student would be able to perform the following.
    Seventh grade students will:
    ● identify positive and negative peer influence.
    ● play within the rules of a game or activity.
    ● resolve personal conflicts with sensitivity to rights and feelings of others.
    ● make choices based on the safety of self and others.
    ● respect the physical and performance limitations of self and others.
    ● feel satisfaction when engaging in physical activity.
    ● enjoy learning new activities.