Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Physical Education
    5th Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports.
    Fifth grade students will:
    ● throw a variety of objects demonstrating both accuracy and distance (e.g., frisbees,
    deck tennis rings, footballs).
    ● design and perform gymnastics and dance sequences that combine traveling, rolling,
    balancing, and weight transfer into smooth, flowing sequences with intentional
    changes in direction, speed, and flow.
    ● hand dribble and foot dribble while preventing an opponent from stealing the ball.
    ● design and play small-group games that involve cooperating with others to keep an
    object away from opponents (basic offensive and defensive strategy) (e.g., by
    throwing, kicking, or dribbling a ball).
    ● participate in games, sports, dance, and outdoor pursuits, both in and outside of
    school, based on interests and capabilities.
    Standard 2: Students demonstrate competency in physical fitness.
    Fifth grade students will:
    ● participate in vigorous activity for a sustained period of time while maintaining a
    target heart rate.
    ● participate in games, sports, dance, and outdoor pursuits, both in and outside of
    school, based on individual interests and capabilities.
    Standard 3: Students demonstrate the knowledge of factors important to participation in physical activity.
    Fifth grade students will:
    ● monitor heart rate before, during, and after activity.
    ● identify opportunities in the school and community for regular participation in
    physical activity.
    ● identify benefits resulting from participation in different forms of physical activities.
    The following Physical Education expectations exceed the Colorado Model Content
    Standards. As a result of participating in a quality Physical Education, it would be
    reasonable to expect that the student would be able to perform the following.
    Fifth grade students will:
    ● recognize the role of games, sports, and dance in getting to know and understand
    others of like and different cultures.
    ● seek out, participate with, and show respect for persons of like and different skill