Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Physical Education
    3rd Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students demonstrate competent skills in a variety of physical activities and sports.
    Third grade students will:
    ● while traveling, avoid or catch an individual or object.
    ● leap, leading with either foot.
    ● roll in a backward direction, without hesitating or stopping.
    ● transfer weight from feet to hands, at fast and slow speeds, using large extensions
    (e.g., mule-kick, handstand, cartwheel)
    ● strike a softly thrown, lightweight ball back to a partner using a variety of body parts
    and combinations of body parts (e.g., the bump as in volleyball, the thigh as in
    ● develop patterns and combinations of movements into repeatable sequences.
    ● balance with control on a variety of moving objects (e.g., balance boards, skates,
    ● demonstrate competence in basic swimming strokes and survival skills in, on, and
    around the water.
    Standard 2: Students demonstrate competency in physical fitness.
    Third grade students will:
    ● maintain appropriate body alignment during activity (e.g., lift, carry, push, pull)
    ● support, lift, and control body weight in a variety of activities.
    Standard 3: Students demonstrate the knowledge of factors important to participation in physical activity.
    Third grade students will:
    ● select and categorize specialized equipment used for participation in a variety of
    ● identify ways movement concepts can be used to refine movement skills.
    ● describe healthful benefits that result from regular and appropriate participation in
    physical activity.
    The following Physical Education expectations exceed the Colorado Model Content
    Standards. As a result of participating in a quality Physical Education, it would be
    reasonable to expect that the student would be able to perform the following.
    Third grade students will:
    ● identify activities that contribute to personal feelings of joy.
    ● design games, gymnastics and dance sequences that are personally interesting.
    ● appreciate differences and similarities in others’ physical activity.