• GLE-Mus5

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Music
    5th Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students sing or play on instruments a varied repertoire of music, alone or with others.
    Standard 2: Students will read and notate music.
    Standard 3: Students will create music.
    Standard 4: Students will listen to, analyze, evaluate, and describe music.
    Standard 5: Students will relate music to various historical and cultural traditions.
    Fifth grade students will:
    · sing three-part rounds, partner songs, and descants (S1)
    · demonstrate an awareness of the phrase by singing and playing each as a complete thought (S1)
    · play chords or chord roots to accompany a three-chord song as accompaniment to classroom singing (S1)
    · respond to conductor’s cues for tempo changes (S1)
    · read, notate, and perform rhythmic and melodic patterns adding the four-sixteenth note pattern to the notes already learned (S1, S2)
    · identify time signatures in music performed (S1, S2)
    · identify and perform a notated melody using treble clef notes (S1, S2)
    · identify and respond to directional words and symbols for form and dynamics (S1, S4)
    · create an original sound composition and, using visuals, illustrate it (S2, S3)
    · determine if music is organized using major, minor, chromatic, or pentatonic scales (S4)
    · describe the feelings experienced when listening to a musical selection and explain the musical elements which support those feelings (S4)
    · compare the music and culture of two different historical periods (S4, S5)
    · identify the ways different instruments are combined to create various performance ensembles (S4, S5)
    · demonstrate appropriate audience behavior (S5)