• GLE-Mus2

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Music
    2nd Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1: Students sing or play on instruments a varied repertoire of music, alone or with others.
    Standard 2: Students will read and notate music.
    Standard 3: Students will create music.
    Standard 4: Students will listen to, analyze, evaluate, and describe music.
    Standard 5: Students will relate music to various historical and cultural traditions.
    Second grade students will:
    · sing and play instruments with acceptable tone quality and proper posture, songs in an
    age-appropriate range (S1)
    · demonstrate the repetition inherent in canon form by performing a two-part round using speech, movement, body percussion, and singing (S1)
    · watch the conductor (S1)
    · read and perform rhythmic patterns using quarter notes, paired eighth notes, quarter rests, half notes, and half rests (S1, S2)
    · respond to duple and triple meter through movement and by using iconic symbols (S1, S2, S4)
    · echo rhythm and melodic patterns (S1, S4)
    · sing, play, and move to music from different traditions and cultures (S1, S4, S5)
    · improvise in question-answer form on rhythmic and melodic classroom instruments (S3)
    · create a B section of a composition when given the A section, using vocal sounds, body percussion, movement, and instrument sounds (S3)
    · identify a variety of classroom instruments (S4)
    · respond verbally to musical contrasts (S4)
    · demonstrate appropriate audience behavior (S5)