• GLE-DanK

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Dance
    Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations
    STANDARD 1: Students will understand and demonstrate dance skills.
    This requires that the student
    1.1 is able to move and then be still
    1.2 can be on and off balance
    1.3 identifies and moves body parts in isolation and together
    1.4 does locomotor and nonlocomotor movements appropriate for age level
    1.5 is aware of simple spatial relationships, i.e. self and others
    1.6 explores movement in different directions, levels and pathways
    1.7 does movement at different speeds and in simple rhythms
    1.8 knows the difference between smooth and sharp movements
    STANDARD 2: Students will understand and apply the principles of choreography.
    This requires that the student:
    2.1 free dances with increasing confidence
    2.2 creates a shape or movement of their own
    2.3 has a beginning awareness of movement variety in terms of the elements
    STANDARD 3: Students will create, communicate, and problem solve through dance.
    This requires that the student:
    3.1.1 explores a movement based on a feeling
    3.2.1 explores a movement based on stories, poetry, art and music presented by the teacher
    3.3.1 moves in relation to a prop
    STANDARD 4: Students will understand and relate the role of dance in culture and history.
    This requires that the student:
    4.1 talks about why people dance
    4.2 does a simple folk dance appropriate for this grade
    4.3 describes an occasion in their own life when people danced
    STANDARD 5: Students will understand the benefits of dance for lifelong fitness.
    This requires that the student:
    5.1 explores the range of motion in various parts of his/her body
    5.2 does exercises that promote strength and flexibility
    5.3 participates in a short warm-up
    STANDARD 6: Students will understand the relationships and connections between dance and other disciplines.
    This requires that the student:
    6.1 understands some concepts from another subject through dance, i.e. letters or numbers