• GLE-Dan8

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Dance
    8th Grade Level Expectations
    STANDARD 1: Students will understand and demonstrate dance skills.
    GRADE 8
    This requires that the student:
    1.1 practices with less guidance
    1.2 accurately memorizes and repeats more complex movement phrases in 2 or more dance styles
    1.3 demonstrates an increased depth of movement vocabulary
    1.4 demonstrates continued development and refinement of rhythmic skills, and explores movements without meter
    STANDARD 2: Students will understand and apply the principles of choreography.
    GRADE 8
    This requires that the student:
    2.1 creates a short study using a traditional dance form, i.e. theme and variations, A-B-A, rondo
    2.2 creates a short study as a solo, duet, or for a small group
    2.3 discusses a dance from a space, time, energy and form perspective
    2.4 begins to understand the relationship between movement and accompaniment
    STANDARD 3: Students will create, communicate, and problem solve through dance.
    GRADE 8
    This requires that the student:
    3.1 creates a dance that includes a range of feelings
    3.2 uses events in personal life as a basis for creating a dance, i.e. births, awards, worst day, divorce
    3.3 has deepening understanding of abstraction as a way of creating a dance
    3.4 is able to make additional choreographic suggestions based on discussion of comparison and contrast
    3.5 looks at and analyzes a video of a dance performance
    STANDARD 4: Students will understand and relate the role of dance in culture and history.
    GRADE 8
    This requires that the student:
    4.1 studies additional cultures in which dance plays an important role
    4.2 learns dances from these cultures
    4.3 compares and contrasts some of these dances
    4.4 researches dances of other cultures on the internet, or from books and videos
    4.5 creates an original dance based on one of the cultural dances studied
    STANDARD 5: Students will understand the benefits of dance for lifelong fitness.
    GRADE 8
    This requires that the student:
    5.1 demonstrates safe movement techniques and deepens understanding of safety aspects
    5.2 keeps a journal of progress in developing fitness
    5.3 reflects and analyzes progress in personal fitness over several years
    5.4 plans and leads a warm-up with some guidance
    STANDARD 6: Students will understand the relationships and connections between dance and other disciplines.
    GRADE 8
    This requires that the student:
    6.1 creates a dance based on a social concept or idea, i.e. overcrowding in cities, industrialization, famine
    6.2 researches the internet, videos or books for source materials from another discipline which can be used as materials for creating a dance