• GLE-Dan7

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Dance
    7th Grade Level Expectations
    STANDARD 1: Students will understand and demonstrate dance skills.
    GRADE 7
    This requires that the student:
    1.1 accurately memorizes and repeats more complex movement phrases
    1.2 demonstrates basic body alignment
    1.3 uses basic dance terms
    1.4 understands and repeats rhythmic patterns which have an accent placed on different beats
    STANDARD 2: Students will understand and apply the principles of choreography.
    GRADE 7
    This requires that the student:
    2.1 creates movement phrases for a solo, duet or small group
    2.2 continues to explore using space, time and energy in all of their own work
    2.3 analyzes choreography in terms of concepts of form, i.e. unity, continuity, variety, repetition and overall form
    2.4 compares and discusses differences in dance style
    2.5 identifies different types of accompaniment for dance
    STANDARD 3: Students will create, communicate, and problem solve through dance.
    GRADE 7
    This requires that the student:
    3.1 uses movement ideas from work and sports as the basis of creating a study, i.e. baseball, tennis
    3.2 deepens understanding of abstraction as a way to create movements
    3.3 makes choreographic suggestions based on discussion of comparison and contrasts
    STANDARD 4: Students will understand and relate the role of dance in culture and history.
    GRADE 7
    This requires that the student:
    4.1 studies many cultures in which dance plays an important role
    4.2 learns dances from these cultures
    4.3 compares and contrasts some of these dances
    4.4 identifies social events which influenced the development of popular and historical dances
    4.5 researches dances of other cultures on the internet, or from books and videos
    STANDARD 5: Students will understand the benefits of dance for lifelong fitness.
    GRADE 7
    This requires that the student:
    5.1 demonstrates safe movement techniques and deepens understanding of safety aspects
    5.2 keeps journal of progress in developing fitness
    5.3 plans and leads a warm-up with some guidance
    STANDARD 6: Students will understand the relationships and connections between dance and other disciplines.
    GRADE 7
    This requires that the student:
    6.1 connects specific steps of the creative process to specific steps in making a dance
    6.2 does creative work in another discipline by going through the specific steps of the creative process, i.e. uses these steps to create a painting, sculpture, music, poetry